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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It's been a long time, and a rough road, but life is ever-changing.......

I'm slowly resurrecting Troll Hammer Press, but probably not this blog. I have started to set up shop over on the ole creature of social media, Facebook, so please swing by and show your support with a 'Like'.

I plan on leaving this blog intact for nostalgia's sake, as the new THP will be a bit re-focused in it's purpose.

Thanks to everybody that has every supported me in my endeavors.

Don't forget to come by for a visit:


Paul S. Ingrassia Sr.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Super Beings in the T&T Universe: Part 7

Super Beings in the T&T Universe by 'Mad' Roy Cram

Professor Whenn and Yorrdamma Vrash are doing research on entities of the Troll World that possess unusual or extraordinary talents and/or abilities which make them superior to ordinary beings. If anyone has comments or questions they may trollmail Yorrdamma Vrash via Trollhalla, who will be happy to respond to any inquiries.

Gregor Gilliman

Gregor Gilliman is a fellow six feet tall and weighs about 220 pounds.  He is pretty much completely bald and hairless. Otherwise, he looks and acts like a normal human. Gregor is always found working on boats or in businesses that trade near the water. He does have a slightly fishy smell about him, and has a good appetite for seafood of all kinds. He is a reclusive sort of fellow in his private life, but is not unfriendly. His strange ability is that when he gets really wet, he turns into a Gill Man, like the famous Creature from the Black Lagoon. He has to get under cover quick when it rains! And, when he dries out, he becomes his inoffensive human self again. He guards his secret other self diligently. He can’t remember his real parents or where he came from. He was raised by a family of Fishermen who found him floating down the river in a reed basket. In his gill man form he is a legend and a terror to the river pirates. These evil brigands killed his family, and he hunts them down at night, taking them one by one off their boats or bases. He likes the Trident and Dagger as weapons, and his powerful clawed hands and feet get two dice each (8 total) in the water. He is a powerful swimmer (+6 talent) and has gills. He can breathe on land as well, but if he stays out of the water until he dries completely, he becomes a man again. In his gill man form he can summon water creatures like snapping turtles, alligators, fish, eels, and water snakes to help him. His scaly skin takes ten hits like armor. In the water he is hard to grab because his skin is slimy.

Attribute    Man Form    Gill Man
ST               12                   30
CN              16                   40
IQ               14                   14
WZ             20                   20
DX              12                   20 (only in water; otherwise 12)
SP               15                   30 (only in water; otherwise 15)
LK               20                   20
CHR            10                   Terrifying
Combat  adds  11            52

Copyright © 2013, 'Mad' Roy Cram

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Spirit Combat for Tunnels & Trolls

Spirit Combat "T&T style"
By Tom Kopf Loney

Every spirit, fiend or ghost, has a SPOOK rating. This is the MR of that being. Player-Characters encountering them must combine their Wizardry, Charisma and Luck stats to develop their own SPOOK rating. Both sides then roll 2d (remembering DARO) plus their SPOOK rating, and then compare the results. The higher result wins. The lower result is then subtracted from the higher, and the losing side subtracts that many points from the SPOOK rating. At "zero" points the spirit is dissipated, or the body is open to possession by the spirit that it is battling.

To expand on this bodily possession, the inhabiting spirit must distribute its remaining SPOOK rating into all eight of the physical attributes of the possessed, which become the controlled body’s ratings. The SPOOK rating may be distributed unevenly among the attributes. For each turn that the body is inhabited, the spirit spends a WIZ point, and once the WIZ rating is diminished to zero, the possession ends.

The physical being recovers the stats that make up the SPOOK rating "1" point per every ten minutes that the body is engaged in Spirit Combat or "in possession" of the attacking spirit. The Player of said Character is considered unconscious, meaning inactive, during the recovery. Once the Character's SPOOK is recovered, the Character can then engage in Spirit Combat to reclaim his body.

The spirit's SPOOK rating recovers 1 point per day. On a side note, maybe related or not, a spirit, almost every spirit, can only travel 1 mile per day. The one thing the dead know is that it is better to be alive.

Wango D' Strangle

This ghostly apparition isn't just a ghostly apparition. These are the ghosts of a select few serial killers that were smart enough to find enough sorcery or influenced by a greater dark force to attain a half-life in the physical world after their deaths. They like to haunt the graveyards in which they were buried or are captured by necromancers that use them as guards.

Wangos D' Strangles, Wangos for short, can engage in Spirit Combat and then throw in a mix of brute physical force. In game play, this means that the Player must decide whether his Character will prepare for a mental attack or a physical attack. The wrong choice leaves the stricken vulnerable to the complete attack without reprise. Wangos must exert a lot of energy towards the physical attacks, so tend to use Spirit Combat most often. When a Wango goes to "physical" combat, it spends 5 points of its SPOOK rating to put all of the remaining points and 2d into a melee roll. If the opponent(s) is defending, armor and his Combat Adds are applicable.

{Editor’s Note: I’m VERY excited about this piece. I have been considering options for ghostly combat, and I like this one. Tom hit it on the head, and kept it true to the simple, elegant style of T&T.}

Artwork free for use clipart from

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Awesomesauce Troll Hammer Edition Available Now!!!

It's Finally Here!

Check out my latest RPG collaboration, Awesomesauce Troll Hammer Edition, by Mark Meredith and myself.

Available for FREE download in BOTH PocketMod and Full-sized editions at my Troll Hammer Press RPGNow store!

It's amazing, astounding, astonishing, it's, it's...


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some Interesting Lists Regarding Troll Hammer

I have a habit of tracking the pageviews Troll Hammer receives. I always find it interesting to see where the readers find TH, where they live, and what their favorite posts are. The following lists are based on all-time pageview stats, which basically means all the pageviews since I first started Troll Hammer.

I give you, the Troll Hammer Top Ten Pageview Lists:

Top 10 Pageviews by Countries

United States
United Kingdom
Dominican Republic

Top 10 Referring Sites

Top 10 Posts   

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~ the game as it is played ~
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Breaking the Silence

Just a quick note to make sure everybody knows that Troll Hammer isn't dead, just resting and recharging for the next assault. I have been going through some major life-changing shit the past month +, but I'm getting by. One thing is for sure, when shit gets really bad, you learn just how many friends you have. I have learned that in abundance. A particularly huge thanks to the many, many members of Trollhalla who have shown their love and support to me when I needed it most. You guys/gals are the best trolls in all of the universes, Trollworld or otherwise!

So, obviously, many of the projects I had slated for release prior to Halloween have been delayed. I can say that in the immediate future we will finally be seeing the release of Awesomesauce: The Roleplaying Game - Troll Hammer Edition. Work will be resuming on Issue #1 of Pocket Troll forthwith, and I already have cover artists and several articles set up for Issues #2 and 3. Goblins & Gunnes 1.5 is still in the works, but will be coming along soon, before year's end if I can help it. Of course, the semi-regular blog posts and articles will be returning very soon as well.

That's it for now, dear readers and friends.

All Hail the Mighty Trollgod!

Paul Ingrassia, AKA Mist-Tikk Foo-all

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pocket Troll Update

There has been a slight change in the Pocket Troll # 1 line up due to scheduling conflicts:

Dave Ullery (Cover art)
Jeff Freels (Cover lettering/logo)
Jerry Teleha
Mark Evans
David Moskowitz
Dan Hembree
Paul Haynie
Paul Ingrassia

The affected articles will be appearing in #2. Speaking of #s 2 and 3, I have cover artists slated for both, #2 is more than half filled, and #3 is well underway. Once #3 fills, I will close submissions to give me a chance to catch up!

So, if you want to see your work in #s 2 or 3, send in your submission, or at least a proposal, before it's too late!