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Monday, January 30, 2012


Trollhalla Reports #1
(written on Jan. 29, 2012)
By Ken St. Andre

The members of Trollhalla are an amazing and talented bunch of people, and I’m very proud of most of them, and very pleased that they choose to associate with me. What I like most about them is that many of them are very creative and they will do the work to translate their own dreams and ideals into reality. In Trollhalla Reports, I’m going to mention some of them, so that you, dear Reader, will have an idea of what’s going on in the Tunnels and Trolls continuum.

Andy Holmes, aka Boozer, is still working on getting a new version of Castle Death published by Fiery Dragon. I’ve seen the product. It’s a magnificent adventure for T & T players. Frankly, I expected it to be out by now, but it should be on the market soon.

Peryton Games (Robin Lea and Tom Loney) will be running two T & T adventures at BashCon. Leprechaun Island will be a tunnel crawl in the classic style. Apocalypse Kinda Now will be T & T horror. I wonder how Tom intends to bring that off. For details see
{Editor's Note: Tom Loney asked me to post the following update: BASHCon: Jerry Teleha, a Peryton Gamer will be running the T&T horror scenario. Trevor Hudgins, Peryton Gamer and Garrrnash at the Halls, will be running his Dynamo, post bio-disaster role-playing game.}

Stuart Lloyd has just released a large solo adventure called Temple of the Fool God. It is currently available from

Dan Hembree is working on Trollzine 4—final editing—I hope to see this magazine by and for members of Trollhalla in print before the end of February. It has been a long time coming. Dan has also just re-published Mike Hill’s DUNGEON OF THE RAT, available from both and

David Ullery tells me that illustrating my adventures isn’t enough for him. He has his own 98 page illustrated solo adventure called the Tower of Terror—somewhat in the style of Deathtrap Equalizer, but containing 18 different adventures. It could go to press by Feb. 4.

Roy Cram has been so inspired by all the activity around here that he has gone into high gear for his own writing. He has submitted new material to both Elder Tunnels (Peryton Press) and Troll Hammer Press. And he has a secret project (with Jeff Freels) that I will not tell you about because it’s a secret.

Michael Eidson of Eposic has two projects in the works. One is called The Tome of Arcane Specialists, and will elaborate on the idea of Specialists in T & T 7.5. I came up with the idea of the Specialist class whose abilities are triggered by rolling triples for one or more of their attributes during character generation, but I never did very much with it. Mike will flesh out the idea, and get you thinking of how to develop such characters of your own. He is also doing an interactive edition of The Arena of Khazan—my favorite gladiatorial combat—for Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader.

Liz Danforth is doing the illustrations for Patrice Geille’s new 8th edition of Tunnels and Trolls in French, and also 20 illos for a French version of Buffalo Castle. I have seen some of it. Steve Crompton is editing it all into shape. It’s starting to look like one of the best editions ever for T & T.

Last and least in this report, I finally got my Dragon’s Blood solo released on drivethrurpg, thanks to the hard work of Rick Loomis and his Buffalo staff. It features art by Miika Spray and David Ullery, and contains a section on running it as a G.M. adventure. I am also doing a 13 month T & T fantasy art calendar that will run from March 2012 thru March 2013. And the next solo adventure from Trollhalla Press should be a stand-alone version of Battle School, which I wrote especially for Fight On magazine. I am working on some other T & T projects too, but I think I’ll keep them secret for now.

Well, I couldn’t cram it all in, but if you want more details, all you have to do is send the people mentioned above an email via trollmail through

Copyright 2012 Ken St. Andre


  1. T&T fans are the most hard-working of all. This warms my heart. 2012 is the year for T&T

  2. Edit to the editor's note - I am jherrrii on the halla...

  3. Jerry, I think everyone reading this blog knows Jherri (non-Kharrrghash spelling).