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Friday, November 18, 2011

OP Responds!

Well, it seems all I had to do to get a response from ShiTman was to go public! Instead of answering my emails, or accepting my invitation to openly comment here, he chose to add a bit of comical creative writing to his webpage. Not wanting any of you to visit the offending site, but at the same time wanting to share the joke, I decided to reprint his hysterical commentary here at TROLL HAMMER.

First, I would like to extend my thanks to ShiTman for the free advertising, I'm sure the one or two people who might actually visit his site will be inspired to check out what the hell TROLL HAMMER is all about.

Second, thanks for the laugh, ShiTman, I needed a good guffaw, and you've certainly provided it with your tale of fantasy. If I actually were fat and bald, this would have been a great laugh. See, you CAN write for yourself, no need to steal other people's writing. I guess you just need to compensate for some sort of self-loathing issues, and perhaps a feeling of inadequacy.

You know, this all gives me an idea for an MSPE scenario. The fat, balding, tough guy private eye takes on an assignment to investigate a weasel-like, petty outlaw who has become a slight annoyance to the local townsfolk. Hmmm... Nah, never mind, not worth the effort, the villain is too weak; a mentally deficient outlaw with no self-esteem wouldn't be much of a challenge...

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  1. JS doubtless has friends, family & a day-job employer. Keeping his iniquities in the public eye may cause them to feel an appropriate shame for their various relationships to him, & possibly cause them to exercise an influence over his actions that his conscience evidently does not.

  2. Proving again that Shit-man rolls downhill!

  3. Wounder if Shipmans day job has a morality claws?


  4. I wonder if this is considered incriminating evidence?

  5. Wow. The guy is not only a thief but he can't handle accusations either?

    A shame he hasn't been sued out of existence by all the artists he ripped off. I know one personally who got burned by him.