The name 'Troll Hammer Press' was inspired by, and is an homage to, the three magic Trollhammers of Trollhalla, and was additionally inspired by the song Trollhammaren by Finntroll.

All Troll Hammer Press content, unless indicated otherwise, copyright © Paul Ingrassia 2010 - 2014. Troll Hammer Press 'hammer' logo by Jeff Freels.

Tunnels & Trolls written by Ken St. Andre, copyright © Flying Buffalo Inc. All hail the Trollgod and his Champions of Trollhalla!

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Pocket Troll: A T&T Microzine

Pocket Troll is a tiny fanzine dedicated to the Tunnels & Trolls RPG written by Ken St. Andre. It is published as two eight-page pocketmod booklets, the first includes articles relevant to T&T, the second is a complete T&T solo adventure. Pocket Troll will be published on an irregular schedule, with an initial goal of 2 to 4 issues per year.

Pocket Troll is published only in electronic format at this time, is available exclusively from Troll Hammer Press, and is offered exclusively at RPGNow/DriveThruRPG.


Submission Guidelines

Send all submissions to: Paul Ingrassia at, with the Subject line reading 'Pocket Troll Submission'. ANY SUBMISSION WITH AN IMPROPER SUBJECT LINE WILL BE DELETED UNREAD!!!

All content must be original and submitted by the original creator. Preference is given to previously unpublished works, but reprints of quality material will be considered.

Submissions are open to all who may be interested.

It is highly recommended that one read a copy of Pocket Troll to get an idea of the type of material I am looking for.

Creators whose submissions are accepted for publication will receive complimentary contributor's pdf copies of the issue containing their work.

Cover Art
Must be the artist's own interpretation of the Pocket Troll creature from issue #0's cover. The artist is encouraged to make the Pocket Troll his own, but it must be recognizable as the same character. jpg attachment preferred. Rough drafts and/or concept art are acceptable for submissions of cover art, finished pieces not required initially.

Interior Filler/Clip Art
Anything goes, but keep it clean. jpg attachment preferred.

200-300 words, 250-275 being ideal. Please include all articles as MS Word or Text attachments. I prefer these formats, but in the body of the email is acceptable as well, if necessary.

Article Topics
unique types/characters/npcs
new creatures
new magic items
new spells
new strange/weird items/encounters/whatever
'single room' GM encounters
short articles on anything T&T related, including house rules and elaborations
get creative, surprise me! the stranger, weirder, or more exotic, the better!
New Khazan and other alternate T&T material welcome!

6 page solo of about 250 - 275 words per page. Complete, final draft, pre-scrambled solos accepted for final submission, but drafts or proposals are acceptable for initial submission.

Tunnels & Trolls written by Ken St. Andre. 'Tunnels & Trolls' and 'T&T' are the trademarks of Flying Buffalo Inc. and are used with permission.


  1. I've add you to the zine list!

  2. Added to the queue, considering hassling projects ahead of it. Any ideas of deadlines?

    1. For the moment, the deadline is open-ended. As submissions accumulate, I will decide when the cut-off will be. This is a labor of love, so I don't want to pin down a rigid schedule just yet.