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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Spirit Combat for Tunnels & Trolls

Spirit Combat "T&T style"
By Tom Kopf Loney

Every spirit, fiend or ghost, has a SPOOK rating. This is the MR of that being. Player-Characters encountering them must combine their Wizardry, Charisma and Luck stats to develop their own SPOOK rating. Both sides then roll 2d (remembering DARO) plus their SPOOK rating, and then compare the results. The higher result wins. The lower result is then subtracted from the higher, and the losing side subtracts that many points from the SPOOK rating. At "zero" points the spirit is dissipated, or the body is open to possession by the spirit that it is battling.

To expand on this bodily possession, the inhabiting spirit must distribute its remaining SPOOK rating into all eight of the physical attributes of the possessed, which become the controlled body’s ratings. The SPOOK rating may be distributed unevenly among the attributes. For each turn that the body is inhabited, the spirit spends a WIZ point, and once the WIZ rating is diminished to zero, the possession ends.

The physical being recovers the stats that make up the SPOOK rating "1" point per every ten minutes that the body is engaged in Spirit Combat or "in possession" of the attacking spirit. The Player of said Character is considered unconscious, meaning inactive, during the recovery. Once the Character's SPOOK is recovered, the Character can then engage in Spirit Combat to reclaim his body.

The spirit's SPOOK rating recovers 1 point per day. On a side note, maybe related or not, a spirit, almost every spirit, can only travel 1 mile per day. The one thing the dead know is that it is better to be alive.

Wango D' Strangle

This ghostly apparition isn't just a ghostly apparition. These are the ghosts of a select few serial killers that were smart enough to find enough sorcery or influenced by a greater dark force to attain a half-life in the physical world after their deaths. They like to haunt the graveyards in which they were buried or are captured by necromancers that use them as guards.

Wangos D' Strangles, Wangos for short, can engage in Spirit Combat and then throw in a mix of brute physical force. In game play, this means that the Player must decide whether his Character will prepare for a mental attack or a physical attack. The wrong choice leaves the stricken vulnerable to the complete attack without reprise. Wangos must exert a lot of energy towards the physical attacks, so tend to use Spirit Combat most often. When a Wango goes to "physical" combat, it spends 5 points of its SPOOK rating to put all of the remaining points and 2d into a melee roll. If the opponent(s) is defending, armor and his Combat Adds are applicable.

{Editor’s Note: I’m VERY excited about this piece. I have been considering options for ghostly combat, and I like this one. Tom hit it on the head, and kept it true to the simple, elegant style of T&T.}

Artwork free for use clipart from

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Awesomesauce Troll Hammer Edition Available Now!!!

It's Finally Here!

Check out my latest RPG collaboration, Awesomesauce Troll Hammer Edition, by Mark Meredith and myself.

Available for FREE download in BOTH PocketMod and Full-sized editions at my Troll Hammer Press RPGNow store!

It's amazing, astounding, astonishing, it's, it's...


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some Interesting Lists Regarding Troll Hammer

I have a habit of tracking the pageviews Troll Hammer receives. I always find it interesting to see where the readers find TH, where they live, and what their favorite posts are. The following lists are based on all-time pageview stats, which basically means all the pageviews since I first started Troll Hammer.

I give you, the Troll Hammer Top Ten Pageview Lists:

Top 10 Pageviews by Countries

United States
United Kingdom
Dominican Republic

Top 10 Referring Sites

Top 10 Posts   

Super Beings in the T&T Universe: Part 5
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Other P&P RPGs #7: Rogue Space
~ the game as it is played ~
Pocket Troll Update
Awesome Artwork
OP Responds!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Breaking the Silence

Just a quick note to make sure everybody knows that Troll Hammer isn't dead, just resting and recharging for the next assault. I have been going through some major life-changing shit the past month +, but I'm getting by. One thing is for sure, when shit gets really bad, you learn just how many friends you have. I have learned that in abundance. A particularly huge thanks to the many, many members of Trollhalla who have shown their love and support to me when I needed it most. You guys/gals are the best trolls in all of the universes, Trollworld or otherwise!

So, obviously, many of the projects I had slated for release prior to Halloween have been delayed. I can say that in the immediate future we will finally be seeing the release of Awesomesauce: The Roleplaying Game - Troll Hammer Edition. Work will be resuming on Issue #1 of Pocket Troll forthwith, and I already have cover artists and several articles set up for Issues #2 and 3. Goblins & Gunnes 1.5 is still in the works, but will be coming along soon, before year's end if I can help it. Of course, the semi-regular blog posts and articles will be returning very soon as well.

That's it for now, dear readers and friends.

All Hail the Mighty Trollgod!

Paul Ingrassia, AKA Mist-Tikk Foo-all

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pocket Troll Update

There has been a slight change in the Pocket Troll # 1 line up due to scheduling conflicts:

Dave Ullery (Cover art)
Jeff Freels (Cover lettering/logo)
Jerry Teleha
Mark Evans
David Moskowitz
Dan Hembree
Paul Haynie
Paul Ingrassia

The affected articles will be appearing in #2. Speaking of #s 2 and 3, I have cover artists slated for both, #2 is more than half filled, and #3 is well underway. Once #3 fills, I will close submissions to give me a chance to catch up!

So, if you want to see your work in #s 2 or 3, send in your submission, or at least a proposal, before it's too late!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Awesome Artwork

Ken St. Andre (author of the amazing Tunnels & Trolls RPG, as if I really had to tell you) spent the past weekend at GenCon. Those of us who are members of Trollhalla have greatly benefited from his trip due to his meeting and invitation of a new member: illustrator Darrenn E. Canton (now known as Darennnn in the Hallowed Halls). His amazing artwork instantly grabbed my attention, and I made sure he knew it. He drew the following 'scribble', as he calls it, after being inspired by the Finntroll song Trollhammeran (scroll down to the bottom of this blog to watch the video), and was gracious enough to allow me to share it here.

Check out more of his work at his website:

I have a good feeling we may get to see more of Darrenn's art around Troll Hammer and in Troll Hammer products. I sincerely hope we get to see his work throughout the T&T Universe, and beyond!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

What's Simmering in Troll Hammer's Cauldron?

I wanted to give everybody a sneaky peak at what I hope to see published by Troll Hammer Press before Halloween.

Pocket Troll #1 Cover Teaser (hoping for a September release)

Awesomesauce Troll Hammer Edition should be out soon (shooting for Oct), and I am pleased to announce that in addition to the core rules and supplements already appearing at Troll Hammer and Mark Meredith's Dice Monkey, there are more rules options, a fantasy spellbook, and a bonus booklet that includes an Awesomesauce solo written by my good friend Charlie Fleming of Rarr! I'm a Monster Publishing. Both booklets will be available at RPGNow as a single download, each in both Pocketmod and regular pdf format, all for the amazing download price of: FREE!!!!!

Do any of you long-time frequenters of Vin's T&T Trollbridge, The Blue Frog Tavern, or Radio Free Trollworld remember Goblins & Gunnes back in 2008? 

Well my friends, get ready for

Goblins & Gunnes Editions 1.5 and 2, A KremmPunk World Setting for Tunnels & Trolls!!!

From the intro to 1.5 (to be released some time in Sept):

"Goblins & Gunnes Edition 1 was written for the 7th Edition 30th Anniversary Tin version of T&T, and originally appeared as a series of posts at Vin’s T&T Trollbridge in 2008. Edition 1.1 was distributed as an MS Word document in the files sections of The Blue Frog Tavern and Radio Free Trollworld Yahoo groups. This 1.5 Edition has been updated to the T&T 7.5 Edition, has had a few minor additions and changes, and has gone through further editing. It is meant to whet your appetite for the upcoming Goblins & Gunnes Edition 2, which will be greatly expanded and updated to the forthcoming new edition of Tunnels & Trolls."

Wanna know another secret? Katje DeathKitten Romanov (Trollhalla's Kattje) has signed on to do the cover of Goblins & Gunnes Edition 2!!! This troll CAN'T WAIT to see what the talented Kitten comes up with!

That's it for now, dear readers. Until the next time...

Keep the Troll Hammer a'swinging!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pocket Troll News

Submissions are officially closed for Pocket Troll #1. There are already articles slated for # 2 & 3, but submissions for those issues are still being accepted. Send in your articles!

Pocket Troll # 1 line up:

Dave Ullery (Cover art)
Jeff Freels (Cover lettering/logo)
Jerry Teleha
Mark Evans
David Moskowitz
Dan Hembree
W. Scott Grant
Paul Ingrassia

Troll Hammer would like to acknowledge the following websites for their support of Pocket Troll # 0:

The Trollish Delver

The Lone Delver

Tunnels and Trolls

Ardenstone Adventures

If I've missed anyone, please let me know and I'll add you to the list.

Extra special thanks to Jeff Freels and Tom K. Loney for their five star reviews at RPGNow/DriveThruRPG!

Finally, a big thank you to all who have purchased Pocket Troll # 0. If not for your support, there would not be a next issue!

Remember folks, if you didn't get it at RPGNow/DriveThru, it isn't an official copy of Pocket Troll!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Eald Scōl # 4: Apothecary on the Street of Dreams

Apothecary on the Street of Dreams
Little Shop of Poisons and Potions Book 2
Bob Liddil
Image from:

Here's another out of the rare and obscure pile of my RPG collection. Though I never got my hands on Book 1, it isn't needed to enjoy this one.

The Apothecary is a glorious collection of 30 potions, and includes a second collection of 30 books that contain potion formulas and other valuable information. The book is written to be usable with any RPG game system, and succeeds at the task.

This great book also contains rich background story on the Apothecary and it's owner, Griswald Grimm, as well as Sri Karnuth, Bookseller.

PERFECT for T&T GMs looking to slip something new, unexpected, and often goofy into the mix just to mess with their players. In most cases, no converting is neccesary, the items can be placed directly into T&T.

Some HEAVILY paraphrased examples:

Poisons and Potions #10
Bulk Powder
Cost: 1200 GP
Adds muscle. For 25 turns STR and CON are doubled, INT is reduced by 50%, and DEX is reduced by 20%.

Poisons and Potions # 20
Gender Bender
Cost: 750 GP
Changes to opposite gender for 1d100 turns (Editor's Note: Hardcore T&Ters can use 17D6 to generate 17-102 turns)

The Karnuth Manuscripts # 5
Yo Momma!
Value if real: 54,000 GP
A catalog of greetings to the female gender in every known language.
Potion contained within: a formula allowing universal language

Apothecary on the Street of Dreams is a treasure I've been lucky enough to own since it was first published. Good luck tracking down a copy at a reasonable price! It is definitely a wonderful and unusual piece in my collection.

NEXT: Dark Folk, a Role Aids supplement from 1983, 'Suitable for use with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons' that details Trolls, Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, and Gnolls. VERY adaptable to T&T.
~ ~ ~

Copyright 2012 Paul Ingrassia

Eald Scōl (Old English for Old School) showcases Old School P&P RPGs, first published 1990 or earlier, ranging from rare and obscure games to well-known favorites.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Discoveries from Time in Exile
by David Moskowitz

Celebrating the moments of your death:

Carrion Vision ™  (i.e. troll-marked) Crystals and Ayevories.   

A Carrion Vision  Crystal is an enchanted piece of glass, generally about 3”x6”x3”[1] with at least one face polished and clear.  When placed in the brain, liver or heart of a dead individual, a reaction of kremm and decay fill the glass with images of the being’s final seconds of life. Anyone can perform this operation, and even non-mages (and others sensitive to kremm) will be aware of the process: the crystal will glow slightly, feel warm to the touch. Once full, the crystal maintains the glow but will always feel cooler than its surroundings.

Who commissioned these crystals originally? The top three candidates are legendary swordsmaster Jkornia to help train her troops, the el-Nossad assasins to help with bookkeeping, or the ogre King Ulceinor about who, the less said, the better. 

It’s showtime!
Viewing the contents of the crystal is simply a matter of concentration.  Anyone within view of the activated crystal can watch its contents, but someone must hold and operate it. (This is why regardless of their origin, the crystals are most prized by rulers who didn’t want to soil their hands—literally and figuratively—with essential assassinations).

The individual activating the crystal must make the highest level saving roll possible, up to fourth level, against their WIZ or IQ, whichever is higher.

Level one: Success provides five seconds of viewing time and a picture of the individual only. Each higher level gives another five seconds, an extra meter of view space and the following:
Second level: Replay ability—without saving rolls--as long as the individual holds the crystal.
Third level: Tilting or rotating the crystal moves the “camera” on all three axes. Otherwise, the default view is the “best” perspective.
Fourth level: Zoom functionality, both in and out.
Fifth: Forward, reverse, slow-mo, speed up, freeze.

Ordinary failure yields no AP for the trybut no other penalty. AP can be gained only once per level per crystal.

Fumbles are handled below:

Clearing the contents: The original spell, the one which could be memorized safely, is lost. Existing versions are all written, and must be read

For Necromancers (see Khaydiak’s Book of Specialist Mages clearing a crystal requires a successful saving roll on IQ at the mage’s level, or that of the being imprinted within, whichever is lower. Ordinary mages must use the higher level. Rogues can only clear crystals containing beings of a lower level.

Fumbles and the crystals: a “life” changing experience:
Clumsiness and necromancy are a bad mix. In the case of a fumble on any action saving roll:

The crystal turns to coal, useless except at a barbecue.

 If the crystal is empty, the holder automatically loses level x 10 AP due to the kremm-energy implosion.

 If the crystal is full, the recorded death is projected deep into the player’s consciousness. It is not pleasant. The character must make a saving roll at his or her level based on the average of the highest and lowest attribute.

If the roll misses (non-fumble), take ½ number missed by (rounding up) off each of the two attributes. Any value reduced to zero kills the character immediately.

For fumbles, if the roll would have succeeded were it not automatically a fumble, reduce each attribute by 3. Otherwise, treat as above, using whichever penalty is higher.

Make or fail the roll, surviving players get 5x the normal AP for the saving roll.

Torturing the Ayevories
Some feel the artistry of a kill is best judged by the victim’s final utterance, be it a baritone gurgle or an alto scream. Best made from the ribs of swans or sirens, Ayevories are the audio analogue of the Carrion Vision ™ Crystals. A simple application of the enchanted bone on the decedent’s tongue will permanently record the otherwise lost sound waves. (Note to GM’s: any pretense or abhorrence of dignity in your campaigns will determine whether it’s appropriate to require the magic trigger words: “Cey-Aaaahh.”)

Play us a scream, Sam
The best way to get a sound from an ayevory, is to touch it with a hot poker or anything that would cause pain to the bone’s “donor”. Any change to the ayevory’s shape will also modify its sound. Craftsmen will take rough ayevories and with a stone grinding wheel shape, buff and whittle them to produce the desired note. Collections of ayevories then find their way into xylophone-like instruments.[2]

It is rumored that the war between Khara Kang and Khazan was almost settled by a battle of the bands using such instruments. However, Khazan heard the distinct squeal of a favorite aunt from Khara Kang’s rehearsing musicians and the contest was off.

Final note to GM’s
These are fun, sick toys, but they do have scenario applications. Consider their use to detectives, bounty hunters, blackmailers (Whose name was on her lips?)

[1] Please note: this is Khazan (the city)-era magic. Those playing in the 9KW will have access to hi-def, widescreen, 3D projectors—something to be dealt with later.
[2] For those interested in such applications, the Goes-To-Eleven amplification spell is slated for publication somewhere in the Trollverse at some point in the future.

Copyright © 2012, David Moskowitz
Free for use clip art.

Super Beings in the T&T Universe: Part 6

Super Beings in the T&T Universe
by 'Mad' Roy Cram

Professor Whenn and Yorrdamma Vrash are doing research on entities of the Troll World that possess unusual or extraordinary talents and/or abilities which make them superior to ordinary beings. If anyone has comments or questions they may trollmail Yorrdamma Vrash via Trollhalla, who will be happy to respond to any inquiries.

The Soluna Armor of King Euberon

Long ages ago the great Lord of the Sheedhe Elves invested a great deal of his power into the production of a wonderful suit of magical armor called the Soluna. It was forged by the best of the finest Elven smithies, and enchanted by their most powerful mages, and it was indeed a marvel. It could absorb up to 200 points of damage per combat round, and was a light as a simple suit of silk clothing. It made its wearer immune to all forms of mental magic or control, and protected him from both fire and cold based magic attacks. During the day when exposed to the sunlight it radiated dazzling light and heat that blinded all who looked at it and scorched all who approached it. At night it radiated a dreadful freezing darkness that blinded all but its wearer, and froze its enemies. It made King Euberon invincible in battle and he and his Sheedhe Elves conquered all the lands about them and drove their enemies into hiding.  This reign continued until the Winter Queen of the Sheedhe poisoned the King and stole his suit of armor. But before she could learn all its secrets and use it herself, Tithania, the Summer Queen and consort of Euberon, came with all her forces to recover it. A great war raged with many terrible battles, and, in the end, the two warring wizard queens only succeeded in dividing the wonderful suit into two suits: the Solar Suit and the Lunar Suit.  Each suit had its own unique abilities, but both were lost to the Sheedhe who were so weakened by the internecine strife that their enemies were able to invade the Sheedhe lands and overthrow them.

Both suits have had a checkered history since those days, passing through the hands of many Lords, Wizards, and other powerful beings.  Each has some of its original powers, but, since the separation, there are now some significant drawbacks as well, as follows.

The Solar Suit only functions during the daylight hours while the sun is shining on it.  During this time it can take 100 points of damage per combat round, and is light as an ordinary suit of silk clothing. It protects the wearer from mental magic and from fire based spells, but is vulnerable to cold based magic. While in the sunlight it glows with a blinding radiance and emits powerful heat. It is brightest and hottest at noonday, waxing as the sun rises, but waning as the sun sets. While in the armor during the daytime, the wearer’s Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity will be doubled, but these same attributes will be halved after sundown until the dawn comes again. At night the suit becomes just another suit of gilded plate armor.

The Lunar Suit is just an ordinary suit of black plate armor during the daylight hours. But after sunset it waxes in power until midnight, when it reaches its peak potency, and then wanes until dawn, when it becomes an ordinary suit again. At night this suit radiates a darkness that blinds all but its wearer, and a field of intense cold. It can take 100 points of damage per combat round at night, and its wearer has doubled Strength, Constitution, and Dexterity until dawn, when these attributes become halved for the day.  The suit protects its wearer from all mental magic and from cold based spells, but is vulnerable to fire based attacks. It loses all its special virtues during the daytimes.

Both suits also have in common the property that anyone who comes in contact with either of them will become obsessed with having it, and will do anything to satisfy this desire. Once a person has acquired the suit, and put it on, they will not be able to part with it or take it off again. It will take a very high level Curses Foiled spell to free them from the suit’s control. Without the magical aid they will do anything to prevent others from removing them from the armor. Most of the beings who donned the suits have been undone by them, usually during the hours when the suit has lost its powers. Elves are especially attracted to the suits, and will be driven to desperate and awful acts in their frenzy to acquire and possess the suits.

Many Elf scholars and wizards believe that if they can gain possession of both suits that they can recombine them into the original Soluna Suit.  This would involve, however, a difficult quest to find the book which tells how the Soluna was made and alone contains the spells needed to put it back together again and make it whole once more. The task of rejoining the armors is also complicated in that the wearers of the Solar Suit and Lunar Suit have a strong natural antipathy towards each other.

Game Masters may find it interesting to put one or both suits into some kind of complex or tunnel matrix, and let the players (given necessary clues) figure out what they have found, and let them deal with the problems that arise when one or more of them is suddenly possessed by the overwhelming desire to own it regardless of the cost. It can also be interesting for a party of players to meet some NPC or ‘monster’ wearing one of the suits (perhaps searching for the wearer of the other), and letting them deal with the suit wearer’s paranoia (YOU WANT TO STEAL MY ARMOR!?!? DIE THIEVING SCUM!!!) or the owner’s megalomaniac delusions (I AM A GOD YOU VILE INSECTS!! WORSHIP ME!!).

Copyright © 2012, 'Mad' Roy Cram
Art free for use from

Monday, June 25, 2012

Super Beings in the T&T Universe: Part 5

Super Beings in the T&T Universe
by 'Mad' Roy Cram

Professor Whenn and Yorrdamma Vrash are doing research on entities of the Troll World that possess unusual or extraordinary talents and/or abilities which make them superior to ordinary beings. If anyone has comments or questions they may trollmail Yorrdamma Vrash via Trollhalla, who will be happy to respond to any inquiries.

Thunder and Lightning

Donk Bonkyu  (Nickname: Ox)

Out in the far boondocks of the Trollworld is a small village called Oggerton. The people of this little town have a reputation for being very strong and very tough. It is said that long ago their ancestors tried to establish a settlement at the foot of a nearby mountain range. Then, one dark night, they were overrun and enslaved by a tribe of Ogres from the foothills close by. For years the Ogres forced the men to slave in their fields and herd their flocks of sheep, while they held the women hostage in their caves. The Ogres also used the women to satisfy their carnal lusts, and numerous offspring were born of these unhappy unions. The children, all males, took after their sires in size and strength, but kept their human intelligence. They were treated as slaves all the same, and, when they reached maturity, they rebelled and slew their Ogre masters, and took their parents and human siblings out of the area to found the new village of Oggerton. The half-Ogres mated with human women, and in a few generations, were able to pass as humans, albeit very large and strong ones. “Ox” Bonkyu is one of these progeny.

Donk (which is his first name) is a six-foot-eight-inch tall, 400 plus pound fellow with a stocky body and long arms. His attribute stats are: STR 36  CON 40  INT 12 WIZ 10 DEX 12  SPD 11  LCK 12 and CHR 10 with combat adds of 24.  His iron body takes six hits naturally for its unusual density, and he wears leather garments that give him an additional 5 hits protection. If he is expecting trouble, he has a suit of chainmail that gives him an additional 12 points of protection. He uses a 6 dice hammer or mace in serious fights. When fighting unarmed, he gets 3 dice for each of his ham sized fists. It is said he can knock down a brick wall when he is angry. Donk has an amulet made of meteoritic iron which protects him from lower level magic. It was a gift from his grandmother who was the village crone in Oggerton.

If he gets mad or angry, he gets the benefit of a natural Double-Double spell on (you guessed it) his strength, which increases it for 5 rounds to 72 with 60 adds. He does then suffer the five round penalty of half strength thereafter.

Donk made a good racket of touring the village wrestling and fighting circuit in his younger days, and became a champion. He has a Strength +5 talent for Brawling and Grappling, and knows every dirty hand-to-hand combat trick. For all his ability to defeat the best in these not always friendly contests and trials of strength, he is a gentle giant, and a defender of the weak and helpless. Living in the city now, he works as a teamster in the warehouse districts, and, at night, as a bouncer in some of the drinking establishments. He is known to most of the other ‘supers’ in the city, and the city watch, and is sometimes called on by them when they need some serious muscle for backup.

Samos Treek (Nickname: Speedy)

Samos Treek is Donk’s best friend. His nickname is “Speedy” for his amazing ability to run. Samos' mother spent some time in the tropical areas of Trollworld, and had an affair with a charming shape changer there who was a Cheetah man. Samos came into the world 8 months later (he seems to do everything faster than normal). Now, grown up into a handsome fellow, he makes a good living as a delivery man, the quickest service in the city.

His attribute stats are: STR 16  CON 24  INT 15  WIZ 12  DEX 18  SPD 36  LCK 24  and CHR 15.  He gets 46 adds in combat. His talent is Quickness: SPD + 6 in any situation where speed or quickness will serve him. He has not yet shown any tendency to morph into a cheetah, but he can outsprint dogs and horses, and can also run flat out for up to 24 rounds without slowing down. He tries to keep his real speed a secret, but some fool is always challenging him to a race. He makes a pretty penny on the side by just barely beating all challengers. He wears 4 point silk armor for protection, but mainly relies on his quickness and natural elusiveness to avoid getting hurt. He picks his battles wisely, and can outrun nearly anything he thinks he can’t defeat in battle. He has a pair of vorpaled Bagh Nakh tiger claws which he uses very effectively in combat. He heals at twice the normal rate if injured. Three times a day he can draw on a natural Little Feets spell which doubles his speed.

Samos is a hit with the ladies of the town, and, though not yet married, thinks there may be several kids around which look a lot like him.

Ox and Speedy are called Thunder and Lightning by the other supers of the city, who call on them for help in dire circumstances. They try to help whenever they can.

Copyright © 2012, 'Mad' Roy Cram

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pocket Troll Zine Open For Submissions!

Be sure to check out the new Pocket Troll Page here at Troll Hammer (see page tab above) for the details on how to submit your art or article to Pocket Troll, A T&T Microzine.

Pocket Troll is a fanzine, so submissions are open to EVERYONE, so don't be shy, send in your work!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Go West Young Gamer

Weird West
Roleplaying Game Basic Rulebook
by Stuart Robertson
Published by Robertson Games

Stuart Robertson's Weird West is about, you guessed it, fantasy adventure in a Weird Western setting. Reminiscent of Old School D&D set in a strange and haunted old western USA, this pocketmod basic rulebook packs a whole lot of wallop for its size. Streamlined yet complete, it has all you need to quickly create unique and intriguing characters in minutes. Characters are made up of four attributes (Fighting, Grit, Magic, and Skill) and they may choose one of four Paths (classes) to follow (Adventurer, Gifted, Fighter, or Magician). Characters with a rating in Magic may choose special abilities for their character. Combat is fast and easy, similar to early D&D, based on a d20 roll on a matrix with modifiers to the roll, and weapon damage varies according to weapon type and Character Path. There are also rolls for Difficult Tasks, which reminds me of T&T Saving Rolls.

Weird West can be purchased for only $1, including both the pocketmod and regular sized pdf versions, at:

In other exciting news, Weird West exceeded its Indiegogo goal, and will be releasing a full line of miniatures. I showed my support with a token donation.

Since its release, a few fans of the game have come up with their own ideas:

Risus Monkey gives us West Words for inspiration:

Some AWESOME Weird West pregens and an adventure setting:

Dry Gulch, setting outline, npcs, and map for a small Weird West town:

Of course, I've also had my own fun with the game.

I converted a few of my favorite old school creatures for Weird West from the AD&D1e Deities and Demigods book and the D&D Rules Cyclopedia, based on Stuart's suggestions for converting Swords and Wizardry creatures.

Fighting: 20
Defense: 8
Stamina: 20d8
Weapon: 3d10/3d10
Shoggoths attack with two appendages per round. When a charcter first sees a Shoggoth, they must roll a Grit 3 Difficult Task or go insane.

Fighting: 6 to 8
Defense: 6
Stamina: 6 to 8d8
Weapon: 1d8/1d8/1d4+1
Otyughs have limited Telepathy. Bite infects victim with a debilitating (80%) or fatal (20%) disease unless they can make a Grit 5 Difficult Task roll.

Owl Bear
Fighting: 5
Defense: 4
Stamina: 5d8
Weapon: 1d8/1d8/1d8
Owl Bears attack with two claws and a bite. If both claw attacks are successful, the Owl Bear hugs for an additional 2d8 damage.

Fighting: 6
Defense: 5
Stamina: 6d8+3
Weapon 1d6/1d6/1d10
3 rounds after it is damaged, trolls regenerate 3 Stamina points per combat round, even if dismembered or killed. They do not regenerate damage from fire or acid. They attack with their two talons and a bite, and many also like to carry a blunderbuss (1d10, 2 handed, 1d12 in close combat, single shot)

Fighting: 1
Defense: 3
Stamina: 1d8-1
Weapon: varies
Goblins use medieval weapons and any guns they may steal or scavenge. Goblins can see in the dark, but  receive a -1 to their combat rolls in full daylight. Goblins sometimes keep Dire Wolves (Fight 4, Def 3, Sta 4d8+1, Bite 2d4) as pets and mounts. each Goblin Tribe has a king (Fight 3, Def 5, Sta 15, Weapon +1 damage) and his 2d6 bodyguards (Fight 2, Def 4, Sta 2d6, weapon). Kings and bodyguards do not suffer the full daylight penalty. Goblin bands are 2d8 in number, and tribes are 6d10 in number.

A few of the characters I created:

Johnny Paladin
Path: Fighter
Level: 1
Fighting: 1  He can use his guns
Grit: 1        and take a punch;
Magic: 2    He's quick, and has God on his side,
Skill: 0       but he still has a lot to learn.

Stamina: 5
Defense: 0

Magic/Special Abilities
Fastest Gun In The West
Rosary Beads (Medicine Bag)

2 handguns

Johnny Paladin is a fledgling monster hunter and destroyer of evil. His faith in God in unquestionable.

Little Bear
Path: Gifted
Level: 1
Fighting: 1  He is learning his spear and knife
Grit: 1        and his spirit is strengthening.
Magic: 1    The animals are his friends
Skill: 1       and they teach him their ways.

Stamina: 5
Defense: 1

Magic/Special Abilities
Horse Whisperer

1 dose of mescaline
flint & steel
small pouch

Little Bear is a young brave heading out for his Rite of Passage. He must travel to the Sacred Place, take a Spirit Journey, and discover his Totem Spirit.

I also created a gang of 4 Goblin brother outlaws, using one of each of the four Paths, as an interesting group of characters for playing Weird West from the perspective of the 'Weird' part. These four do not suffer the daylight combat penalty as regular goblins.

Ghorbul Dulfimph
Path: Fighter (Goblin)
Level: 1
Fighting: 2  He lives for his sixguns,
Grit: 1        and an outlaw's image.
Magic: 1    He's fast on the draw,
Skill: 0       and isn't interested in much else.

Stamina: 6
Defense: 0

Magic/Special Abilities
Goblins can see in the dark
Fastest Gun in the West

2 revolvers

Duzol Dulfimph
Path: Gifted (Goblin)
Level: 1
Fighting: 1  He can shoot,
Grit: 1        and will stand his ground,
Magic: 1    but he'd rather study machines
Skill: 1       and learn how they work.

Stamina: 2
Defense: 1

Magic/Special Abilities
Goblins can see in the dark
Scientific Mind


Burkul Dulfimph
Path: Adventurer (Goblin)
Level: 1
Fighting: 0  He'll avoid a fight if he can,
Grit: 1        but will defend himself if he must,
Magic: 2    Lady Luck is his friend,
Skill: 1       and he loves to gamble and carouse.

Stamina: 3
Defense: 0

Magic/Special Abilities
Goblins can see in the dark
Lucky Tie Tack (Medicine Bag)

boot knife

Shuzgul Dulfimph
Path: Magician (Goblin)
Level: 1
Fighting: 0  He can't shoot a gun,
Grit: 1        but he's not yellow.
Magic: 3    He spends most of his time with musty old books,
Skill: 0       and not much else.

Stamina: 4
Defense: 0

Magic/Special Abilities
Goblins can see in the dark
Magic Lore (Scientific mind)


Copyright © 2012, Paul Ingrassia

The title 'Go West Young Gamer' is an homage to the Western RPG genre, with a particular nod to TSR's old Boot Hill game, and the article of the same name by Steve Winter from way back when in Polyhedron (Issue 13 - Jul 1983). This may grow into a series covering Weird West, Boot Hill, and a few others.

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THP now on Twitter

Troll Hammer Press is officially Twitterpated!

Paul Ingrassia@TrollHammerPres

Super Beings in the T&T Universe: Part 4

Super Beings in the T&T Universe
by 'Mad' Roy Cram

Professor Whenn and Yorrdamma Vrash are doing research on entities of the Troll World that possess unusual or extraordinary talents and/or abilities which make them superior to ordinary beings. If anyone has comments or questions they may trollmail Yorrdamma Vrash via Trollhalla, who will be happy to respond to any inquiries.

Puma Woman: Hellcat

This is the sad tale of Katlin Kloot, a poor peasant woman whose village was overrun one night by a gang of Uruks and bandits and other scum. She saw her husband and children murdered and then was sexually abused and left for dead. She woke up in the hut of the old crone who lived nearby in the forest. As the hag tended her injuries, she asked Katlin three times what she most wanted, and three times the pain and grief crazed woman could only cry “Revenge! I want the monsters who killed my loved ones!” After the third request, the powerful old witch put the spirit of a female Puma that had been slain defending her cubs into Katlin, and transformed her into a shape changer who could take the form of a Puma at will. She immediately set out in pursuit of the villains who had done her wrong and hunted them down one by one. I will spare you the grisly details of their bitter demises.

Her village gone, and loved ones avenged, Katlin then went to the city to live. She works there in various menial jobs in taverns and inns to support herself. Though she has avenged her children and her husband, the angry spirit of the Puma inside her still demands blood. So, late at night, she again takes on her cat form and goes hunting for those who would harm others, especially the ones who abuse women and children.

Her depredations have put quite a damper on late night life in the town.

Katlin is about 5’ 10” and about 180 pounds. She has black hair and eyes. She is not unattractive, but cannot form new relationships for love or friendship for fear they will learn her secret. When she witnesses any act of cruelty or meanness against any innocent or helpless person, she must respond to the beast inside her and hunt down the person who committed that evil act. But she is very smart, and never takes any risks of exposing her Puma side to any person.

Her attribute stats are as follows:

               STR    CON    INT    WIZ    DEX    SPD    LCK    CHR   Combat adds
Human   15       20        14      14       12       12      18        11             9
Puma      45       60        14      14        3        36    18      terrifying      63

She attacks with teeth and claws and gets 7 dice plus adds in combat. Her Puma pelt takes 6 hits as armor. She heals her injuries at the rate of one point per hour of rest. If her CON is reduced to zero or less she will appear dead, but will regenerate unless her body is burned and the ashes are scattered.

The city authorities have offered a large reward for anyone who can hunt down and kill the Hellcat. If Katlin feels really threatened she will flee to the woods, where it will be much harder for her hunters to find her.

She does not work with anyone else. A lonely and sad woman, but a very dangerous one if provoked.

Copyright © 2012, 'Mad' Roy Cram
Artwork is free for use clip art

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Discoveries from Time in Exile
by David Moskowitz

Little Known Dwarven Enchantements

Your father’s/mother’s an elf - in the days of the 500 year war, those words were grounds for a fatal duel amongst the dwarves. In the immediate generations following the 500-day celebration ending that war, war fatigue and frequent accuracy kept the brawling pretty much blood-free. But some members of both species never lost the taste for the exotic, and even dominant genetics purged the elvish looks from those of mixed blood, such heritage would reveal itself in the most un-Eleven of locales, the mines. The following spells were (mostly) designed to help them cope.

Casters with at least one-half dwarvish blood may reduce the INT and DEX requirements by 4 as well as the per-level WIZ cost by 2.  Others cast the spells with INT and DEX requirements of a level higher than the spell’s base, and +5 to the basic WIZ cost.

Rock Breaker [Combat]
WIZ Cost:  10
Range: Touch. Caster need not be using the tool, but if the user transfers the tool to another user the enchantment ends.
Duration: Eight hours or until the player wielding the tool stops using it--in combat or for mining—for more than 10 minutes (or transfers it as detailed above).
Power up? No.
Description: This enchants any pick, shovel, or hammer-type weapon to gain extra power on the down stroke/follow-through. In addition to making any mining activity 20% more productive, in combat, spite damage occur on any roll of 5 or 6. Additionally, all rolls of 6 will permanently reduce the opponent‘s armor effectiveness by one. (Adjudicate which piece according to relative heights of combatants).

Mask Enchantment [Cosmic]
WIZ Cost: 8
Range: That of the enchantment masked.
Duration: If a follow-up spell is not cast within 10 minutes, the protection fizzles, and the WIZ is lost. Otherwise, until the masked enchantment vanishes or the spell is negated. (See below for additional rules regarding negation and power ups).
Power up? Yes, see below:
Description: With the exception of elven heritage , nothing is more shameful than needing performance enhancing magics to perform basic dwarven tasks. If successfully cast, this spell will block the next enchantment cast from Detect Magic and Omnipotent Eye spells. Of course, it will not affect the basic senses, so if the user casts a Hellbomb Burst afterwards, only magic detection will be fooled as to the nature of the destruction.

If an Omnipotent Eye is cast directly at the object of enchantment, the Eye still reveals nothing, but the Mask vanishes. Every level higher level of the spell provides an additional layer of protection. So if a caster uses a fourth-level Mask (i.e. one above base), it will take two Omnipotent Eyes to make the enchantment vulnerable to magical detection.

Burning Beard [Conjuring]
WIZ cost: 8
Range: 20 feet.
Duration: Until the caster—who must be within range--cancels it, or the affected dwarf loses consciousness. (Prevents smoking-in-bed style accidents and is a sure-way of judging who loses a drinking contest.)
Power Up? No.
Description:  What was designed as a permanent and particularly nasty curse for a former lover of Lady S-- now survives in a more utilitarian form. The dwarf’s beard burns, giving off heat and light, but neither consumes the beard nor hurts the dwarf.  Keep in mind only extreme circumstances might cause a dwarf to cast this on himself—or others, for elven magic, if not quite taboo, is certainly gauche.

(Un)fairer Sharer [Conjuring]
WIZ Cost: 10
Range: 50 feet radius +25 per caster’s level.
Duration: Until cancelled or target goes out of sight or hearing range of the caster.
Power Up? Yes, details below:
Description: Designed for the mines but usable on fishing boats, in the fields come harvest time, or when diving into the kind of loot pile seen only in illustrations. This one gleans the wealth from other carts/baskets—spiriting away percentages of a particular element/food item from the target’s container to the caster’s. The base is 5% per hour, at the end of which the target makes a fourth-level saving roll on IQ to see if he notices the missing metal.

In terms of powering the spell up, for every additional level, the caster can:
1.    Add another target.
2.    Increase the gain from one target by 5%, also giving the target a +3 on the saving roll.
3.    Add two levels to any one target’s saving roll.
A wise caster will use these options to maximize gain, minimize risk.

A few notes:
1.    While multiple instances of the spell can co-exist, each must select a single targeted metal/food item.
2.    Because of the potential for taxation without notification and the resultant uprisings, most urban areas invest significant resources insuring the spell is neither cast, nor taught, nor learned.
3.    Accordingly, as severe as the punishment may be for using this spell, in the interest of maintaining civic order, making an unsupported accusation of its use should be a capital offense. (GM’s can adjudicate what defines sufficient support.)

{Thanks to Kopfy, Cartomancer, and the press agent of M’ozzesss for unknowingly providing inspiration. They are not to be held responsible for results of my research.}

Copyright © 2012, David Moskowitz
Artwork free for use clip art