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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Breaking the Silence

Just a quick note to make sure everybody knows that Troll Hammer isn't dead, just resting and recharging for the next assault. I have been going through some major life-changing shit the past month +, but I'm getting by. One thing is for sure, when shit gets really bad, you learn just how many friends you have. I have learned that in abundance. A particularly huge thanks to the many, many members of Trollhalla who have shown their love and support to me when I needed it most. You guys/gals are the best trolls in all of the universes, Trollworld or otherwise!

So, obviously, many of the projects I had slated for release prior to Halloween have been delayed. I can say that in the immediate future we will finally be seeing the release of Awesomesauce: The Roleplaying Game - Troll Hammer Edition. Work will be resuming on Issue #1 of Pocket Troll forthwith, and I already have cover artists and several articles set up for Issues #2 and 3. Goblins & Gunnes 1.5 is still in the works, but will be coming along soon, before year's end if I can help it. Of course, the semi-regular blog posts and articles will be returning very soon as well.

That's it for now, dear readers and friends.

All Hail the Mighty Trollgod!

Paul Ingrassia, AKA Mist-Tikk Foo-all

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