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Friday, November 25, 2011

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 16

Welcome to the relaunch of TROLL HAMMER's T&T Creature Feature!

Something a little different this time around, one of my more unusual (and favorite) solo characters. This guy survived the 10 combat trip through the Arena of Khazan, and is still technically active, as he hasn't yet been killed. His name was inspired by a Heavy Metal band that I was good friends with years ago.

Name: Warrax
Player: Paul Ingrassia
Kindred: Minotaur (male)
Ht: 7'4" Wt: 225 lbs.
Type: Specialist Ranger
Level: 3
AP/Total: 11,167
AP/Unspent: 367

Str: 83
Con: 36
Dex: 22
Spd: 14
Int: 11
Wiz: 8
Lck: 17
Cha: 26

Adds: +88

Stealth (Dex) 30
Tracking (Int) 12
Common Language (Int) 15
Minotaur Language (freebie, automatic success)

Magic Pickaxe (12 dice) - strikes through armor, deflects missile on roll of 4+ on 2d6
2 Highwayman's Pistols (5 dice +15)
Sax (2 dice +5)

Bracers (2 hits)
Cuirass (5 hits)
Tower Shield (6 hits)

Misc. Possessions
953 GP, 9 SP, 8 CP
1 Turquoise (50 GP)
Tiger Fur Loincloth
2 Powder Horns (20 charges)
ramrod, swabbing, 20 lead balls
2 belts (1 for pistols, 1 for pouches)
4 belt pouches (for coin, shot, etc)

Warrax is covered in ivory white fur and has black horns and red eyes. He has the head, legs, hooves, and hindquarters of a bull with the arms and torso of a human man.

As a Specialist Ranger, for ranged attacks, Warrax only has to make a Level One Saving Roll against any target withing range, and he always rolls on Dex for ranged attacks. His attack will only miss if he fails the SR.

He has been granted a boon from the Death Goddess: 1x only, if killed (and not dismembered) he will come back to life 1 hour later with a Con of 10.

Copyright 2011 Paul Ingrassia


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  1. What a great little (okay with a STR of 88, maybe little's not the word) character you have there. Now all he's missing is a tri-corner hat. ;0).

    - Cartomancer

  2. Thanks Cartomancer.

    Hmmm, a tricorn hat, what a great idea...

  3. Kind of illustrates why everyone gets so frustrated with solos, it takes a damn minotaur to survive.