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Monday, December 12, 2011

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 17

A tough, low-level NPC you can insert into any campaign as a random or preset encounter. Brought to you by the one-and-only 'Mad' Roy Cram!

Name: Snagmar
Player: NPC
Kindred: Human (?) (May have Uruk in family tree somewhere)
Ht: 5' 10" Wt: 210 lbs
Type: Warrior Bully Scumbag
Level: 1

Str: 16
Con: 18
Dex: 15
Spd: 12
Int: 10
Wiz: 5
Lck: 13
Chr: 11

Adds: +8

Throwing knives Dex + 4 double spite damage

African throwing knife (4 dice)
4 poniards (2 dice)
Scimitar (4 dice)

Dbl for warrior
Leather (12)
Helm (2)
Greaves (4)
Buckler (6)

Pack, wineskin, purse with 7-18 gold pieces; 1-6 gems

There is a 1500 gold piece reward for 'Snaggy's' head. He killed the captain of his military company who caught him cheating at cards. He fled into the woods and lives there now with a group of low level bandits and brigands (MR 6+2D6 each). He is very risk averse and will not be easy to surprise. He will run if able and leave his band to delay pursuers. It is thought that he, on one occasion, met delvers in an encounter, pretended to join them, and left after killing a couple members of the party and stealing all he could carry. This guy is a monster. He will say and do anything to save his life or put a few coppers in his purse. The authorities want his head bad!

Copyright 2011 'Mad' Roy Cram


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