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Monday, February 20, 2012

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 23


Another subterranean beastie from the Ork Pits Journal of Yorrdamma Vrash (as channeled by 'Mad' Roy Cram).


Goo is a large colony of amoeboid protists which is always found in or around standing water. If it dries out, it dies. In appearance it looks like skim milk. When any creature or person approaches it, the Goo will creep out and flow onto the victims and begin immediately to dissolve their tissues with powerful, acidic digestive enzymes.

Goo colonies are usually small, but can grow to enormous size if food is plentiful. If not immediately noticed they can quickly engulf even large persons or creatures and suffocate them. They especially are drawn to and infiltrate the moist parts of the body.

This creeping horror is really only hurt by fire or extreme cold. The Monster Rating may vary from as little as 10 to several hundred. Fortunately, really large Goos are rare.

They get no adds for their MR, but rather, in the 1st combat round, they do one die of damage to the victim. In the second round, they do two dice, and four dice in the third round, and double again each round up to the maximum dice allowed by their MR.

Goo can digest leather and clothing, but not metal or stone. Experienced delvers know to beware if they find empty armor suits and metal weapons lying about in watery environs. Even so, Goo is hard to see, and very dangerous if you are wading in any body of stagnant water it lives in.

Goblins and Orks know where the Goo lives and avoid such places. Most delvers get a level two saving roll on Intelligence to notice the stuff flowing toward them (Dwarves and other subterranean species get a level one SR). If you have someplace to run away to, Goo is easy to avoid; it is not very fast or smart. But, once it gets on you, you have a real problem.

Sometimes pits in the Ork Pits may contain large Goos in the bottom. If you fall into one of these, you are Goo-screwed.

Yorrdamma Vrash

Copyright © 2012, Roy Cram
Artwork Copyright © 2012, Jeff Freels, used with permission


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  1. No. "Goo" is a purple, golden-haired female companion to Gumby. :)

  2. I avoid Goo every day while I'm running on the sidewalk. Just kidding. I like the illustration and the tips on how to know you might be dealing with Goo monsters.