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Friday, February 10, 2012

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 22

I give you another bare bones NPC you can toss into your adventure or campaign for a little spice.

Name: Cronos Punkidus
Aliases: Cro the Tinker; CronoPunk
Kindred: Human (male)
Ht: 5'6" Wt: 170 lbs.
Type: Specialist Tinker
Level: 3

Str: 16
Con: 9
Dex: 12
Spd: 21
Int: 31
Wiz: 14
Lck: 16
Cha: 15

Adds: +17

Tinker: Int+5=36
Tinker Devices: Goggles, Tinker's Vest, 2 'Sploders, Pepperbox Pistol

Warhammer (5+1)
Katar {Punch dagger} (2+4)
Pepperbox Pistol {5 barrels} (5+15 per barrel)
2 'Sploders {10 yd range, 3 yd radius} (2)

Tinker's Vest, 1 Bracer, Leather Pants with greaves sewn in (6 hits)
Buckler (3 hits)
Steel Cap (1 hit)

Misc. Possessions
7 SP, 18 CP
10 shots for Pepperbox

The son of Cron, a village tinker, Cronos learned his father's trade, and learned it well. But Cronos was restless, and grew bored of helping his father create, maintain, and repair the various devices to make life easier for the people of their tiny village. Cronos decided it was time to leave. He discussed his plan with his father, who reluctantly consented, then he departed for no place in particular.

Copyright © 2012, Paul Ingrassia
Tinker Specialist class by Postmortem Studios


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