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Monday, January 24, 2011

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 13

Creature Name: Loper
Monster Rating: 20
Combat Dice: 3d6+10
Special Damage: 1/1 - normal spite damage.
Special Abilities: Can move at same rate in mountainous areas as normal.

Description: Lopers are popular beasts of burden in mountianous regions that look like large kangaroos with the head, hair and mindset of mountain goats. Their splayed, clawed digits also mean they can climb almost as well as a humanoid, even when being ridden! Sometimes called Kangalopes for their resemblance to those animals, the Lopers sweet milk and ease of domestication make them especially popular. Some few specimens can be trained as Warlopers (MR of 40).

Written by Matthew Urquhart, Copyright 2011,


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