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Monday, January 3, 2011

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 12

Creature Name: Fencats
MR: Lesser 40 – 100, Greater 75 - 180
Racial talent: Cleanliness

Lesser Fencats

Attribute modifiers:
ST: x ½
IQ: x ½
LK: x 1
CON: x 1
DX: x 2 (1)
CHR: x 3/2
SPD: x1
WIZ: x1

Fencats are, as their name implies, inhabitants of fens. They range in adult size from around 3’ to nearly 5’ in length (excluding their tails). Due to their short brown fur, they blend in well with their habitat, becoming nearly invisible when they want to, and they can detect the presence of most other creatures due to their sharp eyesight and hearing. Their eyes are generally green or gold, and their ears are tufted. They have sharp, retractile claws, strong jaws, and fangs that can rend flesh from bone in mere moments. When they move, they are swift and almost totally silent. Like most felines, they are very curious, and unlike their relatives, their hands are capable of manipulating objects as dexterously as a human can. They will collect items that attract their interest, including weapons and armour, but they do not use them in combat.

In most situations, fencats will be found in small family groups, usually numbering 2 adults and no more than 4 fenkittens. Occasionally several families will band together for protection or to hunt, but this is rare and short-lived. They are peaceful by nature, and will generally hide from hostile creatures rather than attack them. Adults will speak a pidgin form of the Common Tongue, if they can be coaxed into interaction. They will not speak their racial tongue in the presence of any other creatures

Despite their habitat, fencats are very clean creatures; unnaturally so, some would say. It is almost unheard of for a fencat to be seen even slightly dirty or disheveled, and they spend much of their kittenhood practicing grooming themselves, and learning how to braid the long fur that grows from their skulls into intricate patterns. While they appear to heal normally from injuries, they do not scar and their wounds somehow seem to enhance rather than detract from their appearance.

Greater Fencats

Attribute modifiers:
ST: x 3/2
IQ: x 1
LK: x 1
CON: x 1
DX: x 5/2 (1)
CHR: x 1
SPD: x 3/2
WIZ: x 1

Very rarely, a much larger fencat (anything up to 7’ long) will be seen. They are invariably alone, and are usually adventuring or searching for something. They speak the Common Tongue fluently, and as with the lesser fencats will not speak their racial language to outsiders. They will generally not wear armour heavier than greaves and vambraces, nor shields heavier than bucklers, and if they carry weapons they will also be light - daggers, chakrams, shuriken and bolas are most likely. It is rumoured that Greater Fencats may be capable of spell-casting; if so, they must do so as Rogues, as the Wizards’ Guild will not teach them. Beyond that, they are the same as Lesser Fencats.

Game effects

In fens or similar terrain, which is the only place they are likely to be encountered, a 5th level SR on IQ is required to notice a fencat for creatures that rely on sight or hearing, and a 4th level SR on IQ if scent is used. They will always make SRs to notice other creatures at 2 levels lower than normal. If a fencat attacks, it gets a free round of attack unless one of the SRs noted previously is made.

Fencats always get a DX SR to avoid becoming dirty, no matter how unlikely it may be (2). If you dropped a fencat into a swimming pool full of ink, it has a chance of emerging unstained. If it is possible to make the SR without using DARO (i.e. a roll of 12 or less is required), the fencat automatically succeeds; if DARO is necessary for the roll to succeed, any double rolled will also count as a success. If a fencat is unlucky enough to become dirty, it will find a quiet place if possible, and begin grooming. The dirt will be removed in D6 - 1 combat rounds, with a minimum of 1. CHR is halved until the fencat is clean again.

(1) The multiplier given is for combat and saving rolls, and for braiding their hair. For other manual tasks, the multiplier is x 1.
(2) If you lived in a swamp and had to clean yourself with your tongue, you’d get pretty good at staying clean too!

Written by Mahrundl of Trollhalla, Copyright 2011,

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