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Monday, January 24, 2011

T&T Supplement: Cloudbusting - A T&T New Khazan Adventure

The Quest for Trollstar: Part 1
by Tom K. Loney
Published by Peryton Publishing

The first adventure for the T&T space adventure setting New Khazan (see Troll Hammer's review of New Khazan), has been released, available as a pdf at

A massive, derelict ship has been discovered, and the PCs have been contracted to check it out, with the goal of salvage in mind. Tom takes us deep into the bowels of the drifting space hulk, with detailed descriptions of the huge rooms and chambers therein. Bristling with puzzles, challenges, and a few serious threats, this space romp should keep your PCs on their toes. As implied in the title, this is Part 1 of a string of adventures that will lead the PCs on a wild ride through the sectors of New Khazan in search of the fabled Trollstar, the homeworld of the 9,000 worlds of New Khazan. This promises to be quite the Space Epic!

Cloudbusting is written in a very open-ended fashion, with lots of detail but more than enough room for a GM to make this his own. There are no maps provided for the derelict ship, but the rich descriptions provide the GM with the materials and tools needed to create maps, if desired or needed.

The artwork by Mike Hartlieb is wonderful, very fitting for the setting, though I wish there was more!

Overall, a great space adventure that sets up for a grand campaign on an interstellar scale. If you're a fan of Tunnels & Trolls New Khazan, you must own this book.

Get your pdf copy at:

Copyright © 2011, Paul Ingrassia

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