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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

T&T Supplement: Specialist Classes

Tunnels & Trolls Specialist Classes, by James 'Grim' Desborough, published by Postmortem Studios, is a great little supplement written for T&T7.x. It expands upon the Specialist Classes introduced by Ken St. Andre in T&T7 by covering the specialist attributes that were not included in the rule book: Strength, Intelligence, Constitution, Luck, and Speed. The classes James has come up with are pretty inventive, based upon some less common but no less well known archetypes: The Brute (str), The Defender (con), The Trickster (luck), The Swashbuckler (spd), and The Tinker (int).

Hands down, my favorite is the Tinker, plenty interesting, lots of neat gadgets, and tons of room for expansion and, forgive me, tinkering with. The Swashbuckler and Trickster tie for next in line as the coolest, with Brute and Defender taking up the rear for me. Of course, that represents my playing style and preferences, no reflection of the quality of the characters. In each instance, James gives us some exciting abilities and challenges, along with fresh and unique possibilities for character development and role playing.

Overall, I think this little booklet is an essential supplement for Tunnels & Trolls 7 and 7.5 editions, rounding out and filling in a wonderful character concept introduced in these editions. For a $1.50 in pdf format from RPGNow, you've really got nothing to lose, and trust me, even if you like just one of these specialists for your game, it's worth the price of admission.

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