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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Initiate Landing Sequence...

...ROGUE SPACE is in docking position!

The print edition of Rogue Space by CR Brandon is now available for ordering!

Don't know what Rogue Space is? Check out my review for an overview of the rules, as well as sample characters and a solo campaign report.

This great set of rules includes my first ever published solo adventure, entitled 'Shrooms'. It is a neat little sword & planet adventure designed to help new players learn how the rules work.

CR is selling the print edition for only the cost of production, and if you visit his Rogue Space blog, you'll even find a discount code for a further 15% off!!!

There are also plans for a fanzine entitled Rogue Transmissions to be released in the near future, which I hope to have a contribution in.

If you enjoy Rogue Space, please consider donating to the Rogue Space Program (details at the Rogue Space blog). CR is not making a single penny from the sale of Rogue Space, and the future existence of this neat little game is going to depend entirely on fan response and donations. I've got a lot of plans for Rogue Space, so give a couple of bucks and help keep this star ship in orbit!



  1. Thanks for the kind words and for contributing your solo adventure to the game manual!

    1. My pleasure! It was a lot of fun being a part of Rogue Space.

  2. Sorry, is Rogue Space for New Khazan?

    1. No, Rogue Space is an independent RPG, it is not New Khazan or T&T, but rather its own rules set.