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Friday, March 30, 2012

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 25

For the 25th edition of TROLL HAMMER's Creature Feature, The Mighty Trollgod, Ken St. Andre, provides us with a bruiser of a Troll armed with, you guessed it, a mighty, magical trollhammer. His work is accompanied once again by an incredible rendering by Christa St. Jean.

T & T Characters You Don’t Want to Meet

Name: Blood-Eyezz
Level: 18
Kindred: Rock Troll
Class: Does Not Apply

STR: 182
Luck: 38
DEX: 13
SPD: 30
INT: 15
WIZ: 9
CON: 123
CHR: 34

ADDS: 215
HT: 15’ 2”
WT: 2380 lbs.
AGE: 1432

Weapon: A massive enchanted Trollish warhammer (245 D6 + 49 adds) (This weapons constantly emits flashes of energy that takes the form of crackling green lightning around the head of the hammer.)

Description: Blood-Eyezz gained his name because his eyes appear to be two pools of blood set into his craggy head. The lava-like blood that animates his body sometimes burns through the thin layer of stone on his face and gives him the appearance of weeping blood.

Background: Blood-Eyezz the Rock Troll was one of Lerotra’hh’s corps of Trolls who fought for her during the War of Liberation. When the war ended, he went back to wandering around Trollworld. He sometimes goes underground for years at a time, but he is a wanderer, and may be found almost anywhere if his aimless travels have led him back to the surface. Lerotra’hh had Chthonian smiths make the trollhammer, only one of many magical weapons created for her fighters during the great war of Monster Kindreds versus Good Kindreds.

Copyright © 2012, Ken St. Andre
Art Copyright © 2012, Christa St. Jean


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  1. Holy $#@%!!!
    This is the poster monster for "Now is when you run like a bat out of hell with its tail on fire!". Unless you have a nuclear bazooka or a wand of unlimited hellbomb bursts.

  2. Wow! Blood-Eyezz is a nasty beast! Nice rendering too Christa.

  3. You wrote, "Class: Does Not Apply"

    What do you MEAN, "Class: Does Not Apply"?!? With a warhammer like that, that's a WARRIOR if ever there was one!!! What the Lerotra’h did you THINK he was???

    I wonder what level of TTYF it would take to defeat a thing like that (assuming any Wizard would be idiot enough even to dare to try it...!)??? I notice his WIZ score isn't very high, so under 7.5 rules (of which I am NOT very conversant) he isn't very magic-resistant...

    --The Grand Rascal,
    : a.k.a. "Glarrrn" on Trollhalla.