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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Discoveries from Time in Exile
by David Moskowitz


For the tavern master, dawn is never welcome. It is in the first light that one sees how customers may leave more than their wages behind. It is, however, a fine time for the undertaker, the furniture maker and the alchemist, whose foul smelling solutions remove even fouler stains from the ceilings…

Now imagine how it is after the Trollgod and his Champions have spent a night carousing.

But with the destruction, the Trollgod will sometimes favor an establishment with one of his special tankards, often key to such nights. The materials—bone, gold, jewels, iron--vary depending on who has offended him and what said party was carrying, but the enchantments remain constant:

1. The t’annkards are completely spill-proof: even if you turn one upside down, nothing will come out.
2. If one contains any liquid, whoever picks it up will be unable to let go of it until he or she has completely swallowed the contents. The no-spill enchantment prevents spitting out the contents or dribbling.
3. If the drinker decides to drain the tankard in a single effort and the liquid may have harmful effects, the saving roll level is halved, rounding up.
4. If the tankard leaves the tavern, or the keeper yields ownership to anyone but a blood relative (close enough to make breeding inadvisable), the t’annkard turns to wet clay, losing all enchantments.

GM’s are advised to consider drinking contests with hemlock, rrrrum (thick as molasses, and 160 proof), blood, or anything that may be set aflame.

Copyright © 2012, David Moskowitz
Clipart edited by Paul Ingrassia


  1. I just found a tankard at Goodwill for $2. Bargain! I doubt it's magic though. :(

  2. I LOVE this idea. It would be a favorite of thieves/rogues, challenging people to a drinking contest, then spiking the T'annkard of their opponent....