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Sunday, April 29, 2012

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 26

The recently hyper-prolific Tom 'Kopfy' Loney treats us to a sample character based on his recent Strange Kin series of interesting kindreds over at his The Many-Headed Troll blog.

MR 380 (39d plus 190)
9th level Rilla (Ape) Paragon
Crucial Stats
IN: 62
ST: 94
DX: 47
LK: 45
CH: 49
WZ: 31
Knows up to 4th level spells.

Description: Originally named Cicero Flame-Start, Ogerilla was born very smart and to a good rilla family, so no one knows why he has turned out so bad. He attended Wizard's School, as well as Advanced Warrior Training, in Appo-On-The-Mirky, in the country of Djung of Athebes. He then disappeared for a decade, and returned wearing strange armor and evil as all get out. There are tales of him eating ape flesh, as well as that of other Speaking Peoples.

Notes: Ogerilla was abducted by Nazi scientists from our world of Earth who were experimenting with trans-dimensional travel. After months in their laboratories, he was allowed to wear a Nazi uniform and take part in suicide missions. He not only survived, he became the Commander of the laboratory. All of his captors ended their days in experimental studies that rivaled his own tortures. As the Red Army encroached on the laboratory, Ogerilla rigged the base to self-destruct and returned to his homeworld of Elder. Back on that world he wasn't much more than another rilla running around in funny clothes and a spiffy helmet. He traveled to the Witching Lands of the North and became a servant of the Bat-Winged Fiend who continued his wizardly training for a horrible price, paid with the blood of others. He is currently trying to fill the power void left in the latest Evil Horde at the death of the Over-Ogre, who he liked as a person and respected as a friend. His troops do wear Nazi-styled helmets, but only he is allowed the great and expensive uniforms.

Text and art copyright © 2012, Tom K. Loney


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1 comment:

  1. Time for some ungents and spells to keep the shoes polished, the uniform pressed and free of elf-blood stains. If he keeps the helmet on, there's no need for the perfect hair spells R'oggre Moorrr and other Bonds have used.