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Saturday, April 7, 2012

T&T Supplement: It Came From Beyond the Stars

It Came From Beyond the Stars
A T&T 7.5 GM Adventure
by Scott Malthouse
Trollish Delver Games
Published by Peryton Publishing

Strap on your sword and grab your shield, something has fallen from the sky, and the King wants you to find out what it is.

Scott Malthouse treats us to a fantastical romp in the Kingdom of Peakvale on Trollworld, from the village of Willowmoss, to the wilderness of the Greyshades, to an urook death ritual in the Cerberus Forest, in a smooth, concise manner. He presents us with a fast-paced trip through several familiar sci-fi horror tropes, but with a pleasantly T&T-esque twist. I was reminded of old sci-fi classic movies like the Blob, but the true virtue of this adventure is a deep sense of the Lovecraftian washing over you, particularly at the climax. Fans of weird fantasy/horror/sci-fi blending will love this one.

The adventure includes plenty of detail, including wandering monster charts for various areas of the Kingdom of Peakvale and vivid, yet not overblown, descriptive passages. Simultaneously, Scott has left things bare bones enough for a GM to embellish and personalize things to his own play style and player characters. Several very interesting and richly detailed NPCs make appearances throughout, and again, these are at once complete and bare bones, plenty of room for a creative GM to embellish when needed/desired.

It Came From Beyond the Stars is a worthy addition to any T&T collection, short and sweet, but packs a lot of punch. It is available at DriveThruRPG for a mere pittance. Click your way on over and download it today!

Copyright © 2012, Paul Ingrassia

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  1. Thanks for the review, Paul. Glad you enjoyed it :)