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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pocket Troll #0 Now Available!!!

I am happy to announce, Troll Hammer Press is finally open for business - Pocket Troll #0 is available at RPGNow:

I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did putting it together. Will be announcing a Call for Submissions for Issue #1 really soon, so keep an eye right here on Troll Hammer.

This special 0 issue was an invitational issue, all the contributors are Trollhallans that were personally invited by me to contribute. I wanted to give a feel for the Microzine before I opened it to general submissions.


Jeff Freels (cover art)
Ken St. Andre
'Mad' Roy Cram
Mike Eidson
Tom K. Loney
Mark Evans
Dan Hembree
Paul Ingrassia

Included are two booklets, Issue 0a (articles) and 0b (a complete T&T solo), and each booklet comes in two formats: a pocket-sized booklet that prints on a single page, and a traditional full-sized pdf, all included for one download price!

Tunnels & Trolls written by Ken St. Andre. Tunnels & Trolls and T&T are trademarks of Flying Buffalo Inc. and are used with permission.

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