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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Super Beings in the T&T Universe: Part 3

Super Beings in the T&T Universe
by 'Mad' Roy Cram

Professor Whenn and Yorrdamma Vrash are doing research on entities of the Troll World that possess unusual or extraordinary talents and/or abilities which make them superior to ordinary beings. If anyone has comments or questions they may trollmail Yorrdamma Vrash via Trollhalla, who will be happy to respond to any inquiries.


At night, in the skies above the city, flies a dark, mysterious figure. Seldom seen, he is a presence felt by those who go about the alleys and back ways of the town on errands of evil or injustice. He is the Manbat, and he hates that men should commit crime and inflict injury on their fellows without good cause. Many a thief or mugger has come to harm at his hands, and their activities have declined since he began his silent patrols. He has left many of them unconscious in the streets for the Watch to arrest. The Thieve’s Guild has offered a reward for anyone who can help rid them of this gadfly, but so far none have been able to learn his secrets or stop him.

Years ago, in a land far away, a bad Wizard was obsessed with bats, and labored to create a race of batmen who would serve him. He managed to create a race of creatures that could change into a manbat, with wings and arms and bat senses. A rival wizard hired a group of heroes to put an end to his works and kill the creatures, but one of the youngest escaped and fled. This poor creature was not evil by nature, and took up refuge in the ruins of an old church near an abbey. He was found there by a kindly monk who tended to him and taught him, and eventually brought him into the monastic brotherhood. Now, when in his human form, Brazi Tadani (for so the brothers named him) had a large hump on his upper back. And at night he would sneak out and change and fly, for he loved the freedom and joy of it. Alas, some of the brothers that did not like him spied on him, and discovered his secret, so he was once again compelled to flee. But now he knew how to behave as a man, and he could read and write. So he came to the city, where he found work as an animal handler in the stables of the Carter’s union, and often drove a cart for them himself. When local criminals and gangsters began to shake down the Guild for ‘protection’ money, Brazi was outraged and began to strike back at the villains in his Manbat form. He lives alone in a high tower on a hill in the city, and can fly from and return there with little risk of being seen.

His attributes are as follows:

STR 18
CON 15
INT 16
WIZ 22
DEX 22
SPD 12
LCK 21
Adds 25

STR 36
CON 30
INT 16
WIZ 22
DEX 22
SPD 24
LCK 21
Adds 45

He has extremely good hearing and sight (+6 in Manbat form). With his bat sonar, he is capable of echolocation in the dark. He can summon and control bats to help him. His tough bat hide is equal to leather armor (takes 5 hits) and he wears a leather vest and cowl which give him 5 extra points protection. If injured he heals at the rate of one point per hour of rest. He is an excellent flier, and very quiet on the wing, unless he is in a big hurry. As Manbat his head becomes like the head of a large bat. The cowl lets his ears stick out as to not interfere with his hearing. When he changes, his hump becomes an impressive set of leathery bat wings. He fights with a pair of 2 dice Brass Knuckles on each fist and also batters foes with his tough wings which get 3 dice each. If he rolls 4 or more sixes, he has used the claws on his feet to rip the target, and gets to roll the sixes again and add them to his combat total. He has a natural Fly Me spell which helps him carry a man sized load (he often drops criminals in the courtyard of the City Watch building). He gets surprise on most targets on a die roll of D6: 1-5, and carefully chooses good opportunities to strike from above. In his human form he looks like a thin, 6’ 6” man with a large hunchback. He is not pretty to look at, and he has few if any friends. He truly loves his animals and takes excellent care of them (+5 Animal Handling). He can change to Manbat form and back easily at no Wiz cost. Other Supers know him and he sometimes will work with them to help if he can, but he prefers to work alone.

Other GM’s may like to play him as a bad Super, but I like to pit him against the characters who enjoy playing monsters or thieves. Or he can be added to a group of Supers who are fighting some unusual foes.

Copyright © 2012, 'Mad' Roy Cram


  1. Herbivore?

    1. Manbat is an omnivore, and has the disgusting gustatory habit of eating live insects which he greatly enjoys. He is also fond of fruit.
      Professor Whenn

  2. Nice Roy! I love Manbat's origin. :)