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Monday, May 28, 2012

Super Beings in the T&T Universe: Part 4

Super Beings in the T&T Universe
by 'Mad' Roy Cram

Professor Whenn and Yorrdamma Vrash are doing research on entities of the Troll World that possess unusual or extraordinary talents and/or abilities which make them superior to ordinary beings. If anyone has comments or questions they may trollmail Yorrdamma Vrash via Trollhalla, who will be happy to respond to any inquiries.

Puma Woman: Hellcat

This is the sad tale of Katlin Kloot, a poor peasant woman whose village was overrun one night by a gang of Uruks and bandits and other scum. She saw her husband and children murdered and then was sexually abused and left for dead. She woke up in the hut of the old crone who lived nearby in the forest. As the hag tended her injuries, she asked Katlin three times what she most wanted, and three times the pain and grief crazed woman could only cry “Revenge! I want the monsters who killed my loved ones!” After the third request, the powerful old witch put the spirit of a female Puma that had been slain defending her cubs into Katlin, and transformed her into a shape changer who could take the form of a Puma at will. She immediately set out in pursuit of the villains who had done her wrong and hunted them down one by one. I will spare you the grisly details of their bitter demises.

Her village gone, and loved ones avenged, Katlin then went to the city to live. She works there in various menial jobs in taverns and inns to support herself. Though she has avenged her children and her husband, the angry spirit of the Puma inside her still demands blood. So, late at night, she again takes on her cat form and goes hunting for those who would harm others, especially the ones who abuse women and children.

Her depredations have put quite a damper on late night life in the town.

Katlin is about 5’ 10” and about 180 pounds. She has black hair and eyes. She is not unattractive, but cannot form new relationships for love or friendship for fear they will learn her secret. When she witnesses any act of cruelty or meanness against any innocent or helpless person, she must respond to the beast inside her and hunt down the person who committed that evil act. But she is very smart, and never takes any risks of exposing her Puma side to any person.

Her attribute stats are as follows:

               STR    CON    INT    WIZ    DEX    SPD    LCK    CHR   Combat adds
Human   15       20        14      14       12       12      18        11             9
Puma      45       60        14      14        3        36    18      terrifying      63

She attacks with teeth and claws and gets 7 dice plus adds in combat. Her Puma pelt takes 6 hits as armor. She heals her injuries at the rate of one point per hour of rest. If her CON is reduced to zero or less she will appear dead, but will regenerate unless her body is burned and the ashes are scattered.

The city authorities have offered a large reward for anyone who can hunt down and kill the Hellcat. If Katlin feels really threatened she will flee to the woods, where it will be much harder for her hunters to find her.

She does not work with anyone else. A lonely and sad woman, but a very dangerous one if provoked.

Copyright © 2012, 'Mad' Roy Cram
Artwork is free for use clip art


  1. Such creatures are known to lurk in "cravices" and frighten folk singers who are brothers.

  2. At 5' 10", 180 lbs, Katlin is a beast! Her panther form must be even bigger. How did her dex drop to 3?