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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Other P&P RPGs #2: Zombie Death Town

Zombie Death Town
A solo role playing game book
By Charlie Fleming
Published by Rarr! I'm A Monster Publishing

With my recent excitement over the new AMC TV series 'The Walking Dead', I have slipped into zombie mode once again. To that end, I've hunted up a few zombie games to try out. Last night I gave Zombie Death Town a whirl.

In the tradition of Tunnels & Trolls and Fighting Fantasy, ZDT is a complete solo adventure in one book, including a very basic rules set. The rules comprise only two (actually 1 2/3) pages, and the only equipment needed to play are 3d6, pencil and paper. Ultra-simplistic, there are only three steps to character creation: 2 attributes (Hit Points and Combat Score) and a name (which is optional, according to the rules). Aside from character creation, the only other rules cover basic combat, weapons, and a few special combat rules.

The remaining nine pages contain the solo adventure. I don't want to spoil any surprises, so I'll just say the adventure is short, heavy on flavor text, and had enough excitement to keep me going. My character did not survive.

I wouldn't exactly call it an award winning game or solo, but for 2 bucks, it was worth the diversion, and I did enjoy playing it. There is also a set of multi-player rules for the mini-system, available for free. It basically mirrors the solo rules set, with the main addition being a weapons chart. It could make for a good night of zombie splatter fun, but there are no rules for character development or ongoing campaigns whatsoever, and no rules for situation resolutions other than combat. Basically, a hack-and-slash system for zombie apocalypse games, good for short, combat heavy adventures.

Both the solo and multi-player booklets may be found as pdfs at:

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