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Saturday, December 11, 2010

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 11

Creature Name: Sickening Hornets
MR: 10
Combat Dice: 2d6+5
Combat Damage: none
Special abiliites: Sickening sting. If a player get stung they must make a Con SR lvl 2 or start hurling untill their next turn. After that they will make a Con SR lvl1 if they fail that they will hurl untill their next round. After that the sickening feeling leaves them.
Description: Sickening Hornets look just like a normal hornet, only larger, and are the size of a normal man's fist. They are mostly black with a black and yellow butt end like a bee. They usually occur in groups of 3-5.

Written by Arrdhann Trrelish, Copyright © 2010,

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