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Sunday, December 5, 2010

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 10

Creature Name: Vampire Rat
Monster Rating: 9
Ability Modifiers: n/a
Combat Dice: 1d6+5
Special Damage: 1/1 Normal Spite Damage
Special Abilities: Blood Drain - Whenever a Vampire Rat attacks successfully, it attempts to lock its jaws into its prey. Defender must make a L1SR vs. Luck or the rat has locked on and will do an automatic three points blood drain damage per round until it or its victim is killed. The rat does this automatic damage instead of rolling for combat each round.
Description: Vampire rats are the result of a magical experiment gone wrong. They are the size of a small dog, black or brown in color, with the body of a rat and the head of a monkey. They have large human-like ears, and long, curved fangs. They are very rare, and prefer to live in forests or swamps, but can adapt to almost any temperate environment. They generally appear in groups of 2 - 6.

Concept by Paulie Ingrassia (9 years old), written by Paul Ingrassia (42 years old)

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Copyright © 2010, Paul Ingrassia and Paul Ingrassia Jr.

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