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Saturday, January 21, 2012

ShiTman possibly continuing his bullshit

While I cannot say for certain that Donald Weis and Chip Suel are aliases for James ShiTman of Outlaw Press infamy, at the very least, they should reconsider the company they are supporting. These two 'people' have suddenly appeared at the leading source of RPG digital downloads, and they are fully within the camp of OP.

Scott of Trollish Delver does a fine job of informing us of Chip Suel's pathetic attempts at writing T&T 'reviews', so I shall default to him and redirect you to his awesome blog:

Donald Weis has firmly established himself as an OP supporter. His works have only ever appeared at OP in the past, and now suddenly his solos are popping up at the aforementioned digital RPG hotspot, under the name Aldor Games. I just checked, and as of this writing, Aldor Games has disappeared from the pdf store, and the name Donald Weis has suddenly disappeared from the webpages of OP. Typical response from ShiTman when he's been discovered, which just further supports my opinion (and yes, it is just MY opinion) that Weis is in fact the Shitty One himself.

In addition to these pathetic antics, there have been several bogus announcements at the offending OP site, announcements claiming that respectable writers of T&T fame are throwing their hat in his corner, that they are going to be 'writing' for 'him'. What utter bullshit, and again, these cryptic announcements suddenly disappear as soon as he is confronted.

So, I would like to add the names Donald Weis and Aldor Games to the Boycott of OP. Don ole boy, you may or may not be JS himself, but either way, your support of a bandit is shameful, and you do not deserve a penny from any real T&T fan.

As far as Chip Suel goes, well, just check out the products he claims suck for yourself. I'm sure you'll find his 'opinion' to be somewhat ridiculous. Oh, and by the way Chip, those 'zines you claim are of such high quality are packed to the gills with stolen material. HoHo and DunDig ARE DEAD. What you are purchasing and reading are the reanimated corpses of those once esteemed zines, infused with the energy of stolen works to rise as zombies. And like all zombies, they should have their heads blown off.

Of course, this is all just my opinion (and yes, it's just mine).


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, but more importantly thanks for keeping everyone informed of Shipman's antics.

  2. Ever a fascinating topic...ShiteMan must be a very lonely, lonely Leprechaun.

  3. A very informative blog. Keep up the good work!

    Dan (Rrramberrrt)

  4. Are there any lawyers Trollhalla or Trohallans with lawyer friends that could shut that asshole down? He is clearly violating copyright law by offering copyrighted material for free.

  5. I like Donald Weis' stuff. I think his drawings are amateurish, but at least they match the text and that he tries to do his own art. Anyway, if Donald Weis is real, how does he publish his items without going to the hob?

    anem kram from Trollhalla

    1. Anyone can self-publish through RPGNow or DriveThru, which he did. Unfortunately, before that he published through OP only. You can buy from whoever you want, that's your choice. Personally, I won't buy from someone who publishes their work through a thief's press. Aside from all that, I'm fairly sure it is ShiTman himself. 'Nuff said.

    2. You might be right about Shipman & Weis being the same person. I've been monitoring the cover drawings on OP. Some of the newer listings have the same style of art on their covers. The line work & composition are very close to those that appear on Donald Weis's solos.

    3. Thanks for the update, it is greatly appreciated!