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Sunday, January 1, 2012

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 19

Another exciting NPC you can add to your campaign to challenge your PCs, brought to you by the amazing 'Mad' Roy Cram.

Bartimius Buggins
30 year old hobbit
Rogue Assassin
3 feet 6 inches tall
100 pounds

Str 9
Con 32
Dex 29
Spd 21
Int 27
Lck 31
Wiz 23
Chr 22

combat adds 45

Roguery Lck +5
Knives + Darts Dex +4

carries 4 throwing knives and 4-6 poisoned darts
has a chain link garotte
cane sword
Misericorde (weapon of choice for assassinations)
Carries a bag of red pepper to throw in opponent's eyes
Bottle of Curare, bottle of spider venom

has a suit of woven silk. absorbs 6 hits from piercing or cutting weapons but only 3 hits from blunt weapons.

Detect magic
Hold That Pose
Vorpal blade
Knock Knock
Hidey Hole
Oh Go Away
Glue You
Oh there it is
Little Feets

Bartimius grew up fast in the hard streets of New Mora's slums. He was recruited at an early age into the thieve's Guild, and then, as a teen, into the Brotherhood of Assassins.

He became one of their best. As a Rogue he acquired a significant number of spells working for an evil wizard who needed an amoral assistant. As a Master in the Thieve's Guild and an excellent 'hit' hobbit, Bartie was prosperous and doing well, when the Brotherhood of Death was ratted out by one of their disgruntled members, and he was forced to go into hiding. The stool pigeon was later murdered, it is believed by Bartimius himself.

Bartie is a blademaster, and throws knives and darts with deadly accuracy. If he can sneak up behind a victim, he can use his misericorde to kill the target. He is also a master of disguises. usually as a human child or a dwarf. He has a lot of lairs to hide in and there may be significant amounts of money (well hidden and trapped) in them.

He is vicious, amoral, and vindictive. Several people seeking to collect the rewards offered on him have disappeared or been found murdered.

The city and the Hobbit community have offered a 6000 gold piece reward for him, dead or alive. He will be hard to track down though. Most people who know anything are scared to tell anyone.

Copyright 2012 'Mad' Roy Cram


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  1. Obviously, it's Mad Roy's Trollworld. There aren't any Hobbits in mine. Sounds like a nasty guy, though.