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Thursday, January 12, 2012

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 20

The Mighty Trollgod, Ken St. Andre, accompanied by the awesome artwork of Christa St. Jean, returns to TROLL HAMMER with
T & T Characters You Don’t Want to Meet

Level: 2
Kindred: Demon
Class: Does Not Apply
STR 54
Luck 4
DEX 17
SPD 18
INT 28
WIZ 28
CON 67
CHR 50
C.A. 43
HT 9’6”
WT 380 lbs.
AGE 1300 (that’s how long Bel-Zaratak has been in Trollworld)

Bel-Zaratak is a relatively minor demon summoned by a Naga mage to serve as a household servant. Unfortunately, an earthquake occurred during the summoning ceremony before the demon could be bound—the summoning decagon was broken, and Bel-Zaratak escaped. The demon fled so quickly that the mage was unable to capture and subdue him. For centuries he haunted the northwestern corner of the Naga jungles, far from the sites of Naga power. Eventually he moved further west and found a nameless dungeon to inhabit. Encounters with adventurers taught him much about Trollworld. From that dungeon he began to make excursions into the northeastern part of the Empire of Khazan before it even was the Empire of Khazan. He was recruited to serve as one of Lerotra’hh’s minions during the War of Liberation, and became a personal favorite of the Death Goddess. After the Fall of Khazan in 666 A.K. Bel-Zaratak, disguised as an Uruk shaman, (shapeshifting is a demonic power) entered the city and took residence in the pits below the palace of the Goddess. Bel has become the Master of Exquisite Torment for the Goddess, and is seldom seen by anyone but doomed prisoners and a few of the Palace staff. He likes to emerge sometimes and roam the nighted steets of Khazan in his natural form—tall, thin, fiery-red in color with horns, a tail, and vestigial bat-like wings, eyes two pits of dancing flame, teeth like daggers, terrifying all who meet it, and picking arguments with mages. Over the centuries it has learned a number of human spells—a magic distinct from natural demonic abilities. Bel could be considered a second level wizard, but it is much more than that. Bel doesn’t normally wear clothing, and as it has no obvious sexual organs, no one really cares. It does like to wear wizardly robes and prefers the colors of orange and black.

Abilities: Shapeshifting, Illusions, Flame Touch, Seduction, Discourse, Invisibility.

Weaknesses: Magic, Music, and Arguments. Bel would rather have a prolonged discussion (argument) than even its preferred employment of torturing mortals. He doesn’t like silver much either—the touch of that metal is poison to him.

During the alien conquest of Khazan in 1313 A.K., Bel-Zaratak left the city in company with Lerotra’hh and other refugees as one of Her bodyguards.

Copyright 2012 Ken St. Andre
Art Copyright 2012 Christa St. Jean


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