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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eald Scōl # 2: Monsters! Monsters!

Do you ever get tired of playing a human or elf or dwarf? Have you ever fantasized about being a troll terrorizing the countryside? Have you ever wanted to know what life was like from the monster's perspective? If you answered 'yes', than Monsters! Monsters! by Ken St. Andre is for you!

First published by Metagaming, and later reprinted by Flying Buffalo, the edition of M!M! that I own is a reprint of the original FBI print, also published by FBI, and currently available.

While players of later editions of Tunnels & Trolls are used to being able to play monstrous kindreds, Monsters! Monsters! was first released over 30 years ago, at a time when playing a monster was far less common. Basically, Ken adapted the T&T 4e rules to give us M!M!, but there are plenty of 'monster only' rules and guidelines, like handling Charisma and gaining experience, which make this game unique.

M!M! is packed full of great stuff, and is wonderful as its own stand alone game, or as a reference tool for any T&T GM: the five pages of monster descriptions and the included Woodsedge Inn (an 8 page removable center insert containing a scenario) are worth the cost of the rule book alone! Additionally, although I'm not sure if it is still included, the current printing contains a special insert by Ken which includes monstrous versions of myself and other members of Trollhalla, and artwork by the awesome Jeff Freels!

So, if your ready to storm an Inn, ransack for treasure, devour good kindreds, and be rewarded for your evil, depraved actions, then head on over to Flying Buffalo and order your copy today:

Additional Notes: 'The Toughest Dungeon In The World', a solo adventure published by Judge's Guild way back when, is playable with M!M!. They also published 'Rat On A Stick', a GM adventure usable with M!M!. Of course, because of its relation to T&T, many T&T solos can be used with it as well. You can also find 'Bludgeons and Flagons', an M!M! GM adventure written by Justin T. Williams, in issue #3 of TrollsZine, a FREE T&T magazine published in pdf format.
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