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Saturday, October 2, 2010

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 1

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature will be an irregular column here. It will showcase new creatures, monsters, and kindreds created for the Tunnels & Trolls 7.5 edition, and written by a variety of players. The first offering was sent by the Trollgod himself, Ken St. Andre, creator of Tunnels & Trolls.

Creature Name: Small Chimera
MR: 20
Ability Modifiers: none
Combat Dice: 3D6 + 10
Special Damage: none
Special Abilities: none
Description: It is about the size of a dog, but it has the head of an eagle, the body of a spider, and the claws of a lobster. It is all black, head, body, and claws. They get bigger as they get older, and this form of chimera could reach a monster rating of 200 if it survived long enough. A big one like that could be more than ten feet tall, and its claws could cut a horse in half.

Written by Ken St. Andre, Copyright © 2010,

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