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Thursday, October 7, 2010

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 3

Creature Name: MRSA (Mer sa)
Monster Rating: 2
Ability Modifiers: none
Combat Dice: 0
Special Damage: Rotting Flesh
Special Abilities/Description: Attacks open wounds doing 0.02 pts of damage the first combat turn. This damage is progressive, as the number of MRSA attacking the open wound increases by 20 every combat turn. The creature reproduces by mitosis (cell division). This monster is a one-cell organism that can survive on damp surfaces indefinitely and on dry surfaces for months. When not infecting a host, it feeds off its offspring. Any liquid containing at least 61% (122 proof) alcohol will kill the beast. Due to the extensive saturation of underground populations, any wound not treated for one combat turn has a 50% chance of becoming infected. The initial infection does not present any visible manifestation until the second day, when a large number of boils appear around the wound. Within two days of the boils formation, they will burst and begin to ooze a dark green, odiferous, and thick liquid. This liquid is very dangerous and can spread the infection not only to other wounds on the victim but also to others that are exposed to the liquid. If not treated these weeping boils will enlarge and deepen eventually reaching the bone. Left untreated it will result in the death of the victim.

Written by Douglas (Trrrommm) Mitten, Copyright © 2010,

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  1. Ick. Infection is a really nasty way to die.