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Sunday, October 10, 2010

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 4

Creature Name: Inner Child
Monster Rating: 80
Ability Modifiers: none
Combat Dice: 9D6 + 40
Special Damage: none
Special Abilities: ESP, Blasting Power, Shield Me

Description: The Inner Child is a semi-parasitic organism that lies dormant inside it's human host. It has the ability to dimensionally shift outside it's host but remains bound by a psychic umbilical cord (6ft).

It resembles it's host creature but with mutated features. The host creature is aware of the Inner Child but usually keeps this a secret.

The Inner Child has strong psychic abilities, and also has a psychic blast (60ft) and a force wall that can shield itself and the host. If the host is killed, the inner child dies within 1D6 turns. Any person, PC or NPC, within the six foot range of the deceased host needs to make a contested Will power (Average of Int+Con) SR or end up the Inner Child's new host.

by Chad Thorson, Copyright © 2010,,

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