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Sunday, October 31, 2010

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 7


Creature Name: Bile
Monster Rating: 75
Combat Dice: 8d6+38
Special Damage: 1/2 - severe spite damage (from digestive juices).
Special Abilities: Fire or cold will hurt it, but weapons only serve to spray the attacker with diseased filth (disease at GM's whim) and lightning will heal, rather than hurt the foul beast.
Description: A disgusting reddish blob, covered with hairy warts and pus-filled blisters, this member of the "clean-up crew" is the dungeon delver's worst nightmare. Some Biles will grow to the point of being collosal horrors, with up to 180 MR or more and human-like Intelligence. These fortunately rare things are called Vicious Biles by the few who have survived them.

Creature Name: Fell Beast
Monster Rating: 45
Combat Dice: 5d6+23
Special Damage: 2/3 - ferocious blows from it's wicked horn.
Special Abilities: Fly Me - Fell Beasts can fly, if somewhat clumsily.
Description: Often mistaken for a winged horse or even a unicorn at a distance, this nightmarish creature is the death of many who wander into ancient, primeval forests and jungles. They almost look like large, pale, emaciated horses, except for the leathery, clawed wings in place of forelegs and the long, twisted horn (dark at the base, fading to blood red at the tip) sprouting from it's forhead. They attack nearly anything on sight, and cannot be tamed except by the most evil and powerful of beings (who may use them as mounts).

Both Creatures Written by Matthew Urquhart, Copyright © 2010,

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