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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 6

Author's Note: After reading some Edward Lear, and after going as the Quangle Wangle to a party, I present THE QUANGLE WANGLE!

Creature Name: Quangle Wangle
Monster Rating: 50
Ability Modifiers: none
Combat Dice: 6d6+25
Special Damage: None
Special Abilities: Because the Quangle Wangle cannot be seen (a clearly magical ability - this is not just regular hiding) it can only be hit in combat if the attacker makes a lvl 1 SR on Dex after a successful hit. The Quangle Wangle is also skilled at throwing rocks - delvers are hit if they fail a lvl 1 SR on Lk. Rocks cause 3d6 damage.
Description: Made popular by the work of Edward Lear, no-one is certain what the Quangle Wangle looks like. All that is ever seen of it is a pair of spindly legs and a pair of slender arms with long, attenuated fingers. No matter where the Quangle Wangle is found, or encountered, and no matter how the adventurers might try to get a clearer look, this is all they see! What can be seen is inky black, and rough edged. Most often, the Quangle Wangle will attack from around a corner, inside a crevice, or under a very large hat.

Here is a link to a site I found containing Lear's work, including an image of the Quangle Wangle:

Written by Simon "Darknight" Rafe, Copyright © 2010,

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