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Thursday, October 14, 2010

T&T 7.5 Creature Feature # 5

Creature Name: Froglin
MR: 22
Attribute Modifiers:
STR: x1 CON: x1 DEX: x3/2 SPD: x1 INT: x1/2 WIZ: x1/2 LK: x1 CHR: x1/2
Combat Dice: 3D6 + 11
Special Damage: Poisonous bite--For each 6 rolled in combat, a froglin manages to bite its opponent, and each point of poison damage will reduce the victim's DEX by 1 point until the poison is nullified or wears off in about a month.
Special Abilities: A true amphibian, a froglin can stay underwater indefinitely. Its powerful hindlegs also enable it to leap up to 15 feet at a time.
Description: Half frog, half goblin, all trouble. (Picture the creature from the Black Lagoon, but it isn't black.) Froglins are goblin-sized creatures that live in the lakes and swamps of Trollworld. They usually wear only belts of snake or gator skin which are used to carry such tools as knives, scrapers, blowguns. They prefer weapons made of bronze which they obtain by trading with the Dwarves, the more corroded the better. Each froglin has a mouthful of dagger-like teeth, and its bite is mildly poisonous. They have finned ears that are movable and lie back against the sides of their head when they are swimming, but extend at right angles to the head when fighting. The front of their bodies is pallid white shading into light blue while the back is dark green that turns brownish with age. Froglins imitate goblins in most things, even to the point of speaking the Goblin language, although their pronunciation is so thick that it is very difficult to understand it. True goblins sometimes keep froglins as slaves or pets--it's hard to tell the difference with goblins and froglins.
Weapons and loot: Froglins usually carry specially made bronze machetes worth 3D6 in combat. The weapons are corroded and jagged and will also inflict poison damage doing half again the number of hits that get through when a froglin wins a combat round.

Written by Ken St. Andre, Copyright © 2010,

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